Jacque Maribe will be returning to our screens very soon.

Maribe will be returning to the screen after a long sabbatical that was required of her after she was charged with the murder of her boyfriend’s ex-lover.

Jacque is set to begin a new show dubbed the hot seat. And she’s bringing on the heat…raw conversations, political affiliations, in-depth inspiration…

Jacque Maribe had remained at Citizen TV as a news anchor until she retired in July last year. But part of her bail conditions also prevented her from appearing or conveying news on TV. But the orders do not prohibit her from doing so on social media-based platforms.

So the show will be streamed live on Twitter, YouTube and on Facebook

In the video Jacque Maribe expressed herself. And how her life took a new turn.

You feel like that everything is falling in place and everything is making sense until one day you have no idea what the world decides to do, you are in a standstill. Something that you love doing so much and then..(gasps). It has been a roller coaster of a rider trying to take it all in and trying to smile even when you can’t. But instead of giving it all up, you get back up and take it by the horns,” she said.

The online show will be produced by renowned producer Sarah Mwangi. And her fans couldn’t hide their excitement in the comments section.

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By Wanjiru Mbaru. My insta handle.

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