An undated viral clip of Magix Enga has left netizens concerned about his state.

The veteran music producer is seen wearing tattered clothes, unlike the usual dress code we are used to. And he seemed dirty, unkempt, and clearly under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Magix also appeared disoriented and confused. Whoever took the video is seen trying to offer him a bag of fries which he refuses to take. He proceeds to ask him what was wrong. But Enga says all is well ‘hakuna shida’.


Magix had recently confessed to battling drug addiction. In an interview with Mungai Eve two months ago, Enga said he was on his transformational journey.

This was after he chopped off his signature Locs to signify the beginning of his journey to quit drugs. And becoming a better man. In the interview, he accused singers Otile Brown and Arrowboy, of abandoning him in his hour of need. And said that his move to cut off his locks and quit drugs was a step to starting a new life and inspiring the young ones who look up to him.

Magix after shaving his locs

The young man had previously clout-chased with cooked Illuminati tales which he says drove potential clients away from him.

The stunt had him steal the showbiz headlines for weeks only for him to come out months later to say that he was just having fun and made the comments while he was under the influence of drugs. See article.

His friends say Enga is in dire need of help with rehabilitation, an indication that he could be still struggling with drug abuse.

Watch the clip here.


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