As you swipe across your favorite social media apps, you must have come across videos of the fast-rising musical duo comprised of veteran music producer Michael Bundi and his charming son Fayez.

Bundi and his son have stunned so many netizens both locally and internationally since they began sharing videos of them singing songs covers.

The duo have garnered over a hundred thousand followers in less than a month. They have performed various popular reggae songs. And needless to say Kenyans love reggae music thus it has been easy for Bundi to reach the hearts of many.

The struggles

Taking to his official Instagram page, Michael shared tits and bits of his journey to where he is. The young father is gifted with the rare artistic combo of a singer’s voice and instrument proficiency. He’s skilled in music production, and even built his own studio. Sharing a picture from seven years ago, Bundi explained that he had just began his studio which was barely full. And that he slept on the floor more often than not.

Afterwards he shared pictures of his current modern studio.

He went on to disclose how at one point in his life he was a caretaker at some apartments in Nairobi. A job a lot of people despise. He says that life was going on well until they were kicked out at a time when his wife was expectant with Fayez.

Bundi who also produced Etana‘s Grammy Nominated Album Pamoja, divulged that he suffered depression for a long time. He has it in his bio that he is a depression survivor.

I have cried, been depressed, lost myself all in the grind-blood, sweat and tears. He wrote.

The singer also shared pictures from an interview he had attended and joked about how he had to run to the interview. Because he did not have fare.

BunDi has encouraged all those struggling with one thing or the other not give up. Do not let anything or anyone define you. Don’t get stuck in a loop, someday it will all make sense.

What do you like about the father-son duo?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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