Veteran gospel rapper Julius Owino alias Juliani was forced to comment on his financial status recently by Kenyans on Twitter.

The brutal group of Kenyans on Twitter who thrive on trolling people recently focused on trolling Juliani and his wife Lilian Ng’ang’a.

This was after Lilian Ng’ang’a’s ex-husband Dr. Alfred Mutua posted a picture of himself in Manhattan. So netizens took it upon themselves to attack Lilian for leaving the affluent politician to marry a rapper.

Several netizens added that Juliani was broke and soon Lilian would leave him just like she left Mutua.

Lilian responds

Lillian who barely engages on online trolls only responded with a few words.

She wondered why Kenyans were trying to pull her into some shallow beef as if they are not tired of bashing her all this time. Lilian asked them to carry on as she too went by her with her baby boy. “Just seen some shallow story that you all are trying to drag me into. Kweli hamchoki, endeleeni tu. Let me proceed with my day with my little boy.”

Juliani speaks up

Taking to his Twitter page, Juliani put up his payroll number and asked Kenyans to contribute money to help him buy his son’s diapers. ‘Guys! It’s bad, I’m broke and my baby needs diapers. “Please send Mpesa.” he wrote. And accompanied by a pic of him from over a decade ago when he was a struggling rapper.

Juliani, later on, added another tweet asking Kenyans to disregard his cry for help. “Please treat this message with contempt like the rest that keeps coming your way. Never believe what’s online.” Later in a long video that he posted and deleted, the rapper explained his financial situation.

Responding to claims made by bitter blogger Andrew Kibe, that he was just a babysitter, Juliani noted that the words were hurting to him. He explained that when his son was born, he had anticipated spending at least six months exclusive time with him. However due to past commitments, he was forced to go back to work and look for money to see through some projects he had  started.

I barely spend time with my son-Juliani

“I do not mind trolls. I actually find some of them funny. Jana when Kibe mentioned my child, I was like it’s funny but to me it was a little bit serious. When my child was born, I gave myself three to six months to just spend and soak in all this, help the mom and just be present as a dad to my second child,” Juliani said.

But I couldn’t because earlier that month, I did an event called Nairobi start-up week. I put my money into it. And I do not have sponsors or investors. So I am not able to spend time with my son right now. Because I am running around trying to pay debts and achieve some things I promised myself,” he said.

Yes, I am broke

Juliani admitted that he is currently broke. But said his money is currently invested in projects which are yet to yield returns. “So yes, I am broke but I am far from poor. You are calling me broke but I am not your kind of broke. Right now the reason I have to put the Paybill number is because you are calling me broke,. But I am not your kind of broke,” Juliani explained.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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