Former First Lady of Machakos County Lilian Ng’ang’a seems u relentless in her fight with Alfred Mutua. Every day we get new details on their messy breakup.

Lilian in a lengthy post seen on her social media platforms has explained in-depth a few things to the public.

She has clarified that being a First Lady is just a title nothing much. And it comes with no salary or allowances. First Lady is just a Title. The FL’s office is what one makes it. I could have sat pretty and have nothing done but I did not. I worked! The office comes with no budget, no salary, no allowances. All work I did as FL was from my heart & I would do it all over again, & more!

She has added that all the projects that she did were approved by the Governor directly. As she was under him.

Lilian has disclosed that the only thing she had that belonged to the county was a car which she returned a week before announcing her breakup with the governor.

All Projects I did were approved by The Governor directly as the FL’s Office falls under him, obviously. The only property I had from the County was a car. A car I returned 1 week before I announced my break up with Alfred. Those saying others things need to seek the truth.

Ms. Ng’ang’a has also insisted that the A&L hotel which they crowned was not built with any person’s money. But a loan from family bank. And Alfred transferring her shares to his sister shows his arrogance.

Ndash Enterprises LTD took out a facility with @FamilyBankKenya for construction of A&L Hotel. The hotel was not built with one person’s money. The fraudulent transfer of my shares by Alfred to his sister shows his arrogance and continued degrading & disrespect for women.

The riveting beauty has also stood on her ground that she was never legally married to the governor. Despite being seen wearing a wedding band throughout their relationship and saying in an interview that ‘yes, he’s my husband’

All Alfred has done is “Kuhanda Ithege” when it comes to the marriage process. I know, respect & appreciate that cohabiting can be termed or is marriage but the fact is that we never signed any legal paperwork nor underwent any traditional function to term us husband & wife.

While gushing over her newfound love with rapper Juliani, Lilian has said that if anything happens to her of him, Mutua is solely responsible.

If anything happens to me & Juliani, Governor Alfred Mutua is solely responsible. Anyone hired to kill us should ask themselves if Alfred would do their dirty work, if roles were reversed. Let’s not be misused by people in power to settle scores we know nothing of.

She had previously said that the governor had told her that he has offers from people to kill her and Juliani. See article.

Lilian who has not minced her words has also revealed some of the things the governor had promised her which she all declined.

For all whose only attack line is material things:

  1. Alfred bought me a brand new car 2 Months ago. I returned it to the dealer.
  2. He offered to buy me a house, support me financially, a job etc. I declined.
  3. He offered me a white wedding. I declined.

Value yourselves.

Who’s side are you on in this battle? Lilian or Mutua and why?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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