Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has once more stepped in to help Ian Njoroge, the 19-year-old student arrested for assaulting a police officer, by offering one of his cars as surety for Njoroge’s KSh 700,000 bond. Njoroge’s arrest followed a viral video showing him beating a traffic police officer in Mirema.

On Friday, June 7, Milimani chief principal magistrate Ben Ekhubi granted Njoroge a KSh 700,000 bond, rejecting the prosecution’s arguments that he posed a flight risk and that his life would be in danger if released. The court found no evidence supporting these claims.

Sonko expressed his readiness to help, saying, “We will choose among these three cars. Choose one that the lawyer will arrange and see if it’s suitable. It’s better he doesn’t escape. You will arrange to visit on Wednesday and have tea with him. Mistakes have been made, they have been made.”

He added, “Bora asitoroke,” indicating his trust in Njoroge’s family to ensure he does not flee.

Njoroge’s family assured Sonko they would ensure he complies with all court requirements.

Previous intervention by the former Governor of Nairobi saw Corporal Jacob Ogendo, the assaulted officer who once worked as Sonko’s bodyguard, agree to forgive Ian Njoroge.

Mike Sonko (R), Ian Njoroge (C) and a relative

Sonko vouched for the police oficer, saying, “Corporal Jacob Ogendo, the cop who was assaulted by Ian Njoroge, was a very trustworthy officer. I used to send him with millions of shillings he would not steal even a coin. Unfortunately, the system withdrew him as my escort.”

Boniface Mwangi Aids Ian Njoroge

Activist Boniface Mwangi also highlighted Njoroge’s plight, revealing that he had suffered a broken jaw and wrist while in police custody. The 19 year old’s legal team said Ian Njoroge was molested and assaulted by police officers.

Mwangi initiated a fundraiser to cover Njoroge’s medical and legal fees, sharing his M-Pesa number for contributions.

Source: Boniface Mwangi | Instagram

The activist explained helping Njoroge because he’s been through police assaults himself. He remembers strangers supporting him after his first assault. And that he is determined to pay it forward with Ian Njoroge.

“I have been assaulted enough times by the police. I have gone through surgeries because of police beatings. Before l was well known, strangers rallied around me after my very first public police assault. @caroline.mutoko used her platform, and voice to help me. Senior Counsel Paul Muite represented me for free. I’m paying it forward with Ian Njoroge.” Boniface Mwangi stated.

Ian Njoroge Assault Case

Njoroge, a TUK student, was arrested on June 2 after being filmed assaulting the officer. He was arraigned at Milimani Law Courts on June 4, facing six counts, including robbery with violence. However, the court ruled the robbery with violence charge unconstitutional, as section 96 (2) of the Penal Code had been declared unconstitutional by the High Court.

Njoroge’s mother revealed that he had sneaked out of their home with her car to take his sister to church. Despite the prosecution’s claims that Njoroge posed a flight risk and could tamper with witnesses, the court found no supporting evidence.

By Vivian K.

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