Njoro the comedian has opened up about his struggle with depression and alcoholism.

Njoro the comedian used to work at Churchill Show.

It has been barely a monthly since Zeddy the Comedian did a daring expose on the tribulations that comedians go through at Churchill Show.

According to Zeddy, the creative director at Churchill Show, Victor Ber is the major causative agent of depression.

However, most comedians said nothing about the allegations other than Sleepy David who tried to reiterate.

In an interview with Jalangoo on Bonga na Jalas, Zeddy hinted about the sufferings of a few comedians. And it is for that reason she tries to reach out to each one of them.

She reached out to Njoro the Comedian. His story as he tells it is quite sad.

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Njoro welcomes Zeddy home

Speaking to his fellow comedian, Njoro admitted that life has been very hard for him. “Maisha imenitandika makofi left, right and center.”

Njoro the comedian admits that he lost everything including friends. And had to go back to live with his parents.

Njoro- I tried suicide thrice

Nilijaribu suicide mara tatu na zote zilifail. Ya kwanza nililamba dawa ya Panya, nilikuwa nalamba ka Glucose, ya pili nilibuy dawa ya Ng’ombe, hiyo nilikuwa nimeambiwa ukichapa ni hivyo, nilichapa hiyo. Ingine nilijaribu kujikata hapa kwa Mkono.

He mourns

Njoro went ahead to share that he even fell into depression and it was very bad. However, he has been taking antidepressants. But his father was diagnosed with cancer of the stomach thus it has been hard for him.

He jokingly calls out to Kenyans to offer him financial help. Because he has four kids, an ailing dad and the medicine are quite expensive.

He admits that last year he was in a very bad state.

October, November December, nilikuwa mbaya hata ukinotice Instagram yangu hiyo time sikuwa napost anything, ni state nilikuwa. Nilikuwa mbaya. 

When Zeddy asks if he would be willing to check in to rehab, he states that he only needs a counselor. So that he is able to deal with depression since he had already stopped drinking.

The cheerful man shares the last time he tried to commit suicide and how it backfired. Because a stranger saved him.

Kuna ile time nilikucall, nilikuwa nataka kwenda kujipeana hapa View point, nilikuwwa nataka kwenda kurusha Gari na huko chini. Sijui mungu alituma nani, kuna mtu tu alikuja nikiwa naomba maombi ile ya Mwisho, I don’t know kama huyo mtu alisikia. Alikuwa na Lorry, aka park nyuma yangu na akahook gari yangu, sasa wakati nimemaliza maombi ya mwisho kwenda kudrive gari haiendi, Kumbe alikuwa amehook gari yangu nyuma, so akanishow hutafanya hii kitu unataka, so watu wakajaa hapo nikajitoa. But I was going there,”

Njoro the comedian- I need help

About working, Njoro confesses that he is willing to do any kind of job so as to bring food to the table.

He appeals to Kenyans to help him financially and also help him get a mentor/counselor.

By Wanjiru Mbaru.

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2 years ago

Damn Victor Ber is inhumane

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