Mike Oliver!

By this time, we are all aware of what is happening around this name- Mike Oliver. This guy came to Kenya as a sex tourist. And truly he managed to accomplish his dream and more.

If you were left out, Mike Oliver has become the talk of the town after he shared photos of multiple Kenyan who were his prey.

So this guy who is rumored to be HIV positive took to post all the ladies he bedded. And seemingly he is unapologetic.

After so much criticism Mike Oliver has given his statement in regard to the accusations.

Final statement

When a friend of mine told me that Kenyan women are loose I didn’t believe, couldn’t believe it.
Until I came to Kenya for a holiday
With a mission.

And yes, I swung into action immediately.
With postpaid lodging services in major cities, I indiscriminately went for them;
Tall and short, slim and fat, single and taken, married but loose.
I left no stone unturned

Today I agree with my friend’s assertion
In fact, the loss is the understatement of what these women are.
Just show them a dollar and you’ll see them shake.
A dollar melts them like ice in summer
And perhaps my skin color excites them.

Today I’m surprised some people want me arrested.
For which crime?
Spending my own money?
Having a good time with cheap women?
Or posting photos of us?

Oh no, Kenyans,
It’s a willing buyer, willing seller deal
I forced no one, I raped no one
I just showed them a dollar.
If you can be terrified by those few photos, what if I posted all of them?
I’m sure these hot videos would send you all into a comma.

I’m not HIV+

A rumor has it that I’m HIV positive that’s neither here nor there.
But if indeed I’m infected, then it’s not I, but WE.

My aim of posting those few photos wasn’t to hurt anyone. I just wanted to show you how cheap your women are.
Even those who call themselves “independent” women.
Have you ever asked yourselves where they get their independence from?
They trade their dignity for independence.

We have exploited them well without looking back. I said WE because I’m not the only dignity buyer here.
The rest aren’t brave enough to show it, or maybe they haven’t hit the target.
Consequently, I believe I’ve no case to answer.

All the hundreds of women I’ve smashed were adults.
And I paid for all the services they offered.
Those who accepted to eat peeled banana harvested more.
Kindly don’t crucify me, I will be leaving soon.
And for you cheap women
You can block me on social media
But you cannot un-moan my name!

Wow! I mean woooow!

My take on Mike Oliver

Now lemme give my two cents here as well. I too have observed how crazy some women are about the whites.

Certainly, I agree with Mike when he says ‘you show them a dollar and they melt like ice cream in summer… And my skin color excites them as well.’

These are the women who call themselves independent, going for vacations every now and then. And clearly, they can’t explain their source of income. They are the same women who will bombard us with motivational quotes on Instagram making those of us hustling genuinely feel like we’re not doing enough.

I’m excited about the expose and Mike if you see this thumbs up! You probably should post all of those pics and videos.

Why are some women so desperate? Or what is it with the white skin tone? I thought we found freedom, turns out some women just want to take us back one hundred years ago. Because mentally they’re still captives to the white man.

I’m sure each of the ladies thought he was ‘the one’ right before being dumped. Probably mentally planning vacations and motivational quotes to support their deeds. Y’all saw the wedding that was canceled because someone’s wife to be was in the pics?

I think it’s funny how we women are quick to judge men for wanting one too many girls. Yet go ahead and do the same thing.

Obviously, Mike isn’t the only guy doing this, there must have been others like him. And even after this, some women will still throw themselves at any white thing they see around.

To all those women exposed and the one’s who escaped luckily, that serves you right! Some Kenyan women, respect yourselves!

What do you think about the whole saga?

By Wanjiru Mbaru.

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So, craving for a white man issa sin?or not right? Si kila mtu mbaya btw let us crave for who we want. Kuna “oliver”wengi sahi Kenyans its only that they can’t expose.


You want to tell me that these women only slept with Mike Oliver? What if he’s the conquered one? This is the presence with Kenyan morality, a man will be married and sleeping around and he remains dignified yet women are told to keep their dignity. This is Kenya, mbogi tu ya mafisi both men and women.


Wow.you the best.i like your flow of stories

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