A lot has been said and written in regards to Maureen Waititu.

From a very bad break up to rumors all over social media.

And just when we thought it’s over, Maureen Waititu’s baby daddy is having a kid with another woman.

See the stories here.

Maureen Waititu has however maintained her calm and chose not to say a word about it.

The other day, the mother of two announced that she’s a single mother. Netizens took that to mean that Frankie, the baby daddy, plays no role in bringing up their children.

See if you publicize your relationship on social media I think it’s just right that when couples break up, they inform the online in-laws why.

But Frankie and Maureen did not clear the air, giving space for rumors and speculations.

Frankie, however, discussed his side of the story in a youtube video.

Maureen hasn’t been completely transparent opting to disclose information in bits. So most people do not really know or understand what she has been through.

I was suicidal- Maureen Waititu

Recently, the gorgeous woman opened up to Mc Jessy on Jessy Junction.

Watch full video

She revealed that in September 2019 she had given up on life and attempted suicide twice. “This one is an unknown fact. I was on antidepressants since September 2019. I was suicidal. And I was gone. I attempted committing suicide twice,” she said.

Maureen admitted that she had a rough time trying to move on and she still gets those bad days.

But she has a team of friends who are very supportive.

She disclosed that she has been attacked verbally for instance when a fan messaged her telling her that she needs to move on. And accept that Frankie has to.

Moving on

On whether she would date again, Maureen says that she is trusting God with her journey.

Trust me I have desires as a human being and I know what I want exactly in future, maybe I do not even know because my mindset keeps changing. Where He is taking me it is okay. If I end up with someone, if I do not, I just want to be happy. I want to be so happy, full of abundance and I want to be an amazing mother,”

She said.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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2 years ago

Karma is real. People hurt others and think they can get away with it. Can you plant bananas and hope to reap sweet potatoes? Hmmm…you reap what you sow. We all do. Maureen hope you can stay strong and leave all to God. Get busy doing you. Psalm 55:22

Judith muindi
Judith muindi
2 years ago

Maureen seems to be still hurting! I pray for God’s special healing and grace upon her and her babies.she needs sanity to bring those boys up.
Hugs Maureen,yu are strong. Its going to be well

2 years ago
Reply to  Judith muindi

I can only imagine her pain. Especially in this social media streets. I hope she will be okay.. ♥️♥️♥️

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