By Baba Mboga

Hushpuppi had it all… Living (yes living) in the Versace Hotel in Dubai, flexing on the gram.

Heck… brother even had one of our own socialites under his wing. Here’s her full story by the way.

But show off too much and you just might attract the wrong type of attention…

Yaani flexing for the gram will end you guys. From Ferrous Sidika to Otero and this new guy on the title, self snitching has been a new way of life for as long as social media has been around.

And now that Nigerian multimillionaire and self-proclaimed real estate investor Hushpupii is under custody. We’ll just have to see what happens to our young ghel stuck in Dubz.

Who is this girl you may ask?

… I don’t know her either

… let’s just call her Huddat because who dat?

… This name would be so much better if she loved Cornrows.

…lol Huddat Cornrows…

Back to the story,

I just realised I have to explain this Hushpupii dude to y’all teapickers…

So, Hushpupii is this crazy rich millionaire who’s village witches have been working overtime to bring him down. And guess who they asked for help…

…The freaking FBI.

That’s right.

How the FBI and local police took down Hushpupii

For the past four months, the FBI and Dubai police have teamed up under a task force to take down Raymond Abbas aka Hushpupii. This was done in a task force that has since been dubbed “Fox Hunt 2.” Y’all need to see this mini-documentary that the Dubai police made on this dude… These people don’t play…

Hushpuppi literally took the Nigerian prince scandal to the next level. He and his team of scammers have reportedly scammed people out of a whooping 435.6 million.

…Get this…

Dollars, US.. not Zimbabwean

“He and his team of fellow scammers have been accused of creating fake pages of existing companies and banks to redirect victims payments to their own accounts.” – The shade room

na watu wetu tunapambana na AeMGlobal na quail eggs huku nje ????????????

The Dubai cops pulled up on hushpapii and reportedly seized $40 million worth of items.

If he was so good…

How the hell did Hushpuppi get caught?

Reports are out on the street that Hushpuppi’s ex girlfriend might have contributed to his capture.

Claims that hushpuppi's ex girlfriend gave him away
Another one bites the dust

Amirah Dyme, who is believed to be his ex, said on her snapchat:

Amirah dyme talk about hushpuppi on her instagram
Amirah visibly angry at her ex

Amongst a ton of other theories.

Lakini ogopeni tea pickers because they went crazy over this news lol

May the tea pickers reign…

Kenyan tea pickers always had something to say,
Kenyans opinions on the whole hushpuppi situation
Kenyans opinions on the whole hushpupii situation

Alafu sasa comes Lot’s wife with all the saltiness in the world. She was taking shots on fraudsters who went silent after the whole incident went down…

Huddah calls out the "smallfrys"
Huddah refers to the smallfish in the industry as "leeches" after the Hushpuppi arrest.
Huddah calls out the “smallfish” in the scam industry

Maybe the assumption that Mpasho made was true..

But some Tea pickers already read my mind so at least I’m not alone.

Apparently Huddat (read Huddah) has be spotted in the same areas with hushpupii with alot of Kenyans wondering..

“What if?”

Lakini juu receipts are king… lemme get y’all the scoop on this…

Kwanza this one went all in…

How does Huddah make her money?
You also have to wonder

Either case, makasiriko was in plenty today, with people in Hushpupii’s comments going HAM after the arrest happened.

Here’s his Instagram account…but I highly doubt it’ll see the light of day after this whole charade is over.


What do you guys think about the whole situation though?

Would you take all that cash if it meant going to prison for the rest of your life?

Malizeni tu kudecide mtanipata hapa working on my next story.

Here’s my Instagram.

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