You guys are complaining about how businesses are going down and counting losses while another business is booming. While other organizations are laying down workers, this one is gaining more workers and clients. Online prostitution.

Online prostitution

Last time I checked, commercial sex workers were complaining that business has gone down because of the strict curfew. But what they did not know or rather we all didn’t know is that the work is still ongoing.

The workers just changed their venues.

So I got this DM after someone clicked my name below one of my articles. (The link leads you to my Instagram page).

The dm I received

I was obviously shocked and skeptical about it but my boss gave me a go-ahead.

I gave my email address to the sender and here’s how the conversation went down.

A brief introduction

Online prostitution started majorly in late 2015, I was first introduced
into the scene as a male escort trying to make a living around 2016.

The move to online was necessary when investors and Chinese contractors came to town for projects and most went online to look for escorts so this basically started the shift.

But I realized the money wasn’t on being an escort but with owning the platform so Erotic Kenya basically started two years later in 2018.

We have been in the industry for close to 2 years and most of the clients going online are MCAs, Rich businesspeople, Tenderpreneurs, and tourists, the business has been
booming for everyone involved.

Like we charge a monthly fee to be listed of Ksh.1700 and we have more than 100 escorts basically that’s close
Ksh.180000 per month and not include the charges we charge on membership
fees for our high-end clients and parties that we hold so roughly in a month I can’t fail to make Ksh.250,000 or more.

For the escorts especially since the night curfew, the business has been booming for them. On average an escort makes 50,000-100,000 this majorly various with one’s location and services. The major reason for the recent boom is the fewer restrictions on the online space.

Being online also has facilitated for these women and men to just sit at home and just receive calls without going out or risking being arrested by the kanjo (city council officers).
Currently, the online industry is growing at a faster rate cause more
since the lockdown business doubled on my part despite the uchumi being


I found the story intriguing so I went ahead and asked a few questions. Like how they market themselves. And this was the response.

Marketing is usually done for the small circle of rich prominent people.
That’s why you’ll never see an ad advertising them.

Basically, it’s for the rich with a sex fetish and who love their privacy, because you can basically, go to Koinange street and pick up a prostitute or in a club.

But if you are a prominent politician, businessman, rich kid, or pastor
you can’t be seen doing this. So you basically just visit the website and get to choose who interests you or basically the fetish you wish to
try. So if its BDSM, gay-sex, lesbian sex, or threesome such.

Plus in our sex parties, that’s where we get many of our members as some will want women to attend their boy’s parties, bachelor parties so most usually recommend our website.

Challenges faced

Interesting, huh? I also requested to know the names of the clients. And of course, needed to know what challenges they face.

The challenges are not majorly on us, but for the escorts. Because of some of the requests, they get sexually. And sometimes some of the clients do pay them less. But when this happens we compensate the escort especially if it was a direct hookup.

On the client’s part, the names are
confidential but it’s mostly MCA’s, politicians, and UN officials in
Kenya. Especially whenever there is a conference in town in UN Gigiri
the money we make might be even triple as we charge more on them.

Courtesy: Google Images.

Is safety guaranteed in online prostitution?

I blurted out almost instantly “How do you compensate a client if they get a sexual request that they did not sign up for? Are they sexually or physically assaulted? Is their safety guaranteed in such a case?” And my friend was gracious enough to answer me.

Yes, the safety of both escorts and clients is usually guaranteed. And
this is one of the added advantages unlike your traditional way of

For clients whenever they first make a booking they are always requested to make sure they let the escort know what they want. If it’s anal, pegging (basically fucking the client with a strap-on), etc. So this always makes sure the escort knows what the client will want.

If it’s raw sex a test kit must always be provided to test both the escort
and client and this costs more. These are basically the added advantages
of online prostitution.

This has made the industry thrive and much more preferred. And I believe even after COVID-19 the industry will continue to grow at a faster rate as it is currently.

Well, Its already mentioned that these guys have a website. So you’re probably wondering how does one join them. And whether there’s a written contract for the business.

Courtesy: Google Images

Basically, the girls are sex workers, they join voluntarily since most are
former street prostitutes. They pay us a fee to have a profile up for them or like an ad.

The rules are usually stated when one
contacts us to sign up. In case a client complains concerning an escort
the profile is usually banned after it has been verified hence you can’t list with us anymore.


Like any other business, there are days when you get no customers. Turns out online prostitution faces the same struggle.

Yes, there are days where one can go without a client because there are
100 girls listed. But in a week you can’t miss 5 clients.

And on the weekends or holidays, the escorts are forced to work overtime as they can have even 10-15 clients in a day. With the escorts, all offering massages and happy ending a normal service can take up to 2 hours at a fee of Ksh.2000 the cheapest and 10,000 per hour for the exotic ladies
like Indians or Arab ladies basically, this means when business is good
an escort can fail to sleep.

But in such cases, she can get a fellow escort listed in the same area if business isn’t good for her that day they team up since most offer the services in their apartments one an escort can be in one room with the one client while the other in another room.

Male escorts….

I was overwhelmed by this information, and one question kept bugging me. So do male escorts get regular clients?

No, for straight male escorts they earn big in December holiday. Unless
you are gay or bi then you earn at times way more than the female

Because many clients are often quite experimental or genuinely gay
and such services costs a lot. Gay escorts make 5000 per session the cheapest and high-end will charge
20000 per session. Since they are rare and its a taboo. So clients are
willing to pay more for the service. In addition, gay clients are rich men and foreigners.

Gayism in Kenya is prevalent and most who do it are pastors, lawyers, businessmen are the types of clients you will engage with if you are gay.

So how will you tell that the client is a pastor? You know you just can’t look at someone and assume so.

Some pastors actually call the escorts to their church houses. And whenever a client is giving massages with the clients they share, and men being vulnerable and weak in such times, they say everything they do
from work.

We also have pastors who are registered as our members. So
next time you see a man in a robe or saying they are pastors and giving
them your sons to mentor, they might just come back gay

Picture courtesy google


Registered? You mean people register as members of an exotic sex club?

Yes, registration is for the members who can afford the annual fee of
10,000. And they get a personalized booking. They are also allowed to
attend our sex-themed parties with a plus 1 guest accompanying them.

We hire houses if it’s Nairobi then mostly Kilimani, Karen and
Westlands. Mombasa we mostly hire houses in Nyali. We tend to change
locations to avoid any disturbance by police.

I was a little bit concerned when this person said that the challenges are not majorly on them. So who is ‘them’?

The Erotic Kenya team, as I can’t work alone I have employees who handle the
daily running. From the website, finance ensuring each escort or member has paid their fees.

This is how things are on their side, awkward as it sounds to some of us.

If you would like to visit their website, here is the address. (This is not an ad).

What are your honest thoughts on online prostitution?

By Wanjiru Mbaru.

See my Instagram.

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This is so true, go to telegram, there are channels disguised as hookups, and ladies advertise themselves for hook ups and sex in return for “tokens” and alcohol. Check Nairobi hot and Kenya raha, love palour, and many more

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