Public Displays of Affection commonly referred to as PDA might be one of the topics barely ever discussed at BNN. But we have a case scenario we can explore to understand the lengths to which PDA is okay or gross. I’ll refer to Instagram couple Carey Priscilla and Ben Muriu.

You probably know the two but just a slight introduction in case you don’t. Carey is a popular highly talented makeup artist while her husband Ben is a pro phone technician. The couple majorly stands out as Carey belongs to the wagithomo faith alias akorino. The denomination is known for its famous practice of covering heads using turbans. And the wearing of long dresses.

Understanding PDA

PDA are acts of physical intimacy in the view of others; when a couple hugs, kisses, or shows signs of public touch to an uncomfortable amount. And this is what we get daily from the Instagram couple.

In their separate Instagram accounts, the two are always sharing short clips and pictures of themselves touching and fondling. And recently the guy shared a clip of Carey fumbling his manhood and spanking him. See video here.

The video got a BNN fan concerned wondering why the girl even has a turban. Because akorino girls are seen as holier-than-thou.

The do’s and the don’ts

Although physical touch is a love language for most people, overdoing it in the public the eye may appear disgusting, annoying, disrespectful, and uncomfortable.

But let’s say you are just holding hands, that appears as normal. However, when you go to an extent of groping your girlfriend’s boobs, it may appear horrendous. For instance, Ben is always fumbling Carey’s tirries for the camera and a few Instagram views.

I’m not saying that you should not show your partner affection in the public eye. I mean they are your partner, not mine or ours. But beware of the kind of touch and be mindful of the location. I doubt you’d go kissing your partner in a restaurant full of kids. So please, please spare us the arse-grab and tirries-grab.

Also, the people around you need to consent to what you are doing.  The people around you do have a right to ‘consent’ (or not ‘consent’) to what you do in their presence. And if someone tells you to stop, you should stop. 

Imagine going through IG for entertainment then bumping into a clip of a couple having sex in the bathroom? Eww. Fans of Carey and Priscilla see that and more without asking for it. See here.

Some people hate being subjected to PDAs so much. Not because they are bitter, envious or jealous of you, but because PDA is a privilege not available to all. You don’t expect to see a queer couple fondling in public- you see when PDA is exercised by minorities, it may lead to violence. So maybe Until everyone can kiss in the open air without retribution, maybe none of us should. (Or hopefully the two can have a disclaimer on their bios.)

What are your thoughts on the same?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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What people seem not to know is that Carey said she was thrown out of her church because of her lifestyle and mostly clothing. Secondly, there’s this notion that once you remove your akorino turban in the public something insane must happen. Which is somehow true I have witnessed 2 guys who removed and they became insane until they returned it back.Could be the same reason why Carey still has her turban on