Casper the friendly ghost has never been alone.

By Baba Mboga.

So once in a while I talk to my followers about issues they have in their lives.

I will admit, I’m not a registered therapist, haven’t set foot in a psychology school.

Heck! I’m not even a good Google doctor.

I remember this one time my mom was coughing and WebMD told me that she had she either had bronchitis or smokers cough…

I mean considering tulikuwa ushago the previous weekend and…



No no no no no

Not again Baba Mboga…

Finish the damn story…

Why did he ghost me?

No more tangents, Remember?”

Jesus Vanguardian.



Tell me how it went.

“Well, it started out great, We met on Tinder. Young dude in his 20s, just started out in life as a music producer. He’s kinda doing well for his age. Great dates and all, it was bliss. And one day he just up and vanished. No messages, nothing.

Nilituma messages but after two bluetick incidents and him standing me up, I packed my bags nikasema nijiheshimu tu. Nothing had changed so I’m just surprised how he’d do something like that.

The question we need to answer first of all is…

Why do men ghost?

Let’s get this out of the way. Juu after backlash on my previous post I have to do disclaimers.

So here you go..


I’ll assume by my previous demographics that most people reading this will be women.

So please for the love of God.

Understand that this is what most men subscribe to.

Do not get mad,

Listen and learn.

Be a listener in a world full of opinionated people.

Because face it,

Understanding a problem makes it so much easier to solve does it not?

Haya… si let’s get to it basi.

This is why men ghost.

In a world where cancel culture is rampant, it’s become easier for the average man to just end all communication by just hitting the unfollow button and going on with normal life….

Because I mean…

Izi vitu si must byzewei

But there’s always the tethered part on the other side like:

Sa nilido?

Si we were having fun?

Should I text him back?

What if Kantai couldn’t tie and untie that tie?

And it hits you…


How could I be so stupid?


Settle down settle down.

Chill out booboo… It’s probably him.

Why do people never understand that by getting ghosted they probably dodged a freaking nuke?

The earlier the better.

I mean sure,

Y’all were having fun and your little ghost flopped around like a good little walrus in the bedroom.

I get it.

But would you rather he do it now than with a kid inside you?

For the rest that got ghosted AFTER…


What I’m trying to say is that you’re better off without a man that acts recklessly out of emotion.

He’s immature and it’s not good for you.

Or me.

Because now I have to write blogs on “tips on how to survive in a toxic relationship” but we don’t want that just yet now ey?

That being said, here are the “you” reasons.

From a guy’s perspective.


Listen, learn.

You didn’t match his energy.

You know that rush of emotions that kicks in when you get to know someone new from social media that just clicks with you?

Your mind goes and does all these weird things like how you’ll name your 3rd son Kinyanjui after his dad et cetera et cetera.

And then one day the consistency gets less or they just say something that ticks you the wrong way and before long they become the average status viewer?

Been there.

So how about this?

What about you communicating whenever you’re busy and can’t get to the phone?

When you’re really not in the mood to talk and just want to sleep?

Ooor when you’re not really interested in him.

Because once he notices the energy shift he might probably just bolt without reason whatsoever.

And while you’re at it, care to expect the same and add it to your little list of things you want in a man.

And not bash a highly entitled pastor when he makes his list and shares it online ey?

I will admit the audacity was strong in this one though.

But let’s go on to the second probable cause.

“Alipata ile alikuwa anataka.”


If you were keen before, I might’ve loosely insinuated that a man might scope out a woman and most of the time already know his intentions toward her.

So if he’s going for the kill too quick…

I’m not promising anything but…

Remember to rubber up btw


You came onto him real quick.

As much as this idea would be pleasurable in some scenarios more than others, ?

It would be really helpful to note that this scares off any gender.

Any person that gets attached too quick is an instant red flag to anyone regardless on gender.

It kinda feels like they’re rushing to cuff you before they get exhausted of keeping up a facade.

You get the idea.

You’re on a totally different league… or will be.

This isn’t the best thing to say about our gender but hey,

Most guys tend to take a back seat if the woman isn’t on his level or looks like she won’t be for long.

They might give alot of excuses but its either ine of two reasons.

Fragile ego and control issues (duh)

Or the woman simply rubs the fact that she makes more than him in his face all the time.

End of Thinking Capacity?

I really think I didn’t exhaust this whole post.

Lakini si that’s what’s my Instagram is for?

Alexander Graham Bell didn’t die creating the bloody cellphone for nothing eh?

Now let me publish this post and pet my cat.

Juu kila mtu Nairobi aliamua they belong to the streets.

How about another one of my weird videos ey?

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I love your ‘wierd’ videos

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