Bongo singer Harmonize must be the Tanzanian version of Eric Omondi only that the latter can not splash such an amount of money. But clout chasing for relevance, both can get straight As.

Harmonize has been making headlines for months now due to his antics in trying to win his ex-lover, Kajala back.
The singer since partying ways with his white girlfriend, Briana, early this year has been crying for Kajala to come back to him.

Harmonize only dated Briana for about three months after partying ways with Kajala. Before Kajala he had been married to an Italian named Sarah.

In an attempt to win Kajala back, the singer has gone out of his way to buy gifts and do extraordinary things. He had for instance put up a billboard begging Kajala to forgive him. Later on, he bought bouquets and a necklace worth 250Ksh which Kajala must have declined.

The lovebirds

As if that was not enough, Harmonize bought her a range rover hoping that she would take him back. He specifically chose a range claiming that it was her dream car.

He acknowledged his mistakes, noting that he hurt Kajala and her family. “Even if I could gift you 10 like this, that can’t take away the pain I caused you and your family. It can’t erase everything we went through together. What I am asking for is your forgiveness. Frida, you are a religious person. You always pray and you understand there is no one who is perfect. Come we start over again dear. You know if I die today my siblings will not be happy to bury me,” he wrote.

Two range rovers!

Once again Harmonize has left netizens in East Africa talking after he bought Kajala two brand new Range Rover vehicles.
The singer shared a video of him standing next to the two machines as he issued a public apology as well as professing his eternal love for her.

 “I miss you so please come back and let us pick up from where we left . Don’t be worried by people who’ll say that you took me back because of these gifts. Nobody knows I have lived in your house for months and nobody knows that you have supported me so much and I didn’t even buy you a bicycle,” he said.

What did your ex use to woo you back?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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