Am I the only one who is blown away by this really bizarre trend?! It’s evil. Seriously.

Fake friendship

Girls aren’t friends with each other because they like each other anymore. They’re doing it out of strategy. They are practicing the “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” concept.

In real sense, girls hate each other and talk badly about each other behind their backs. But you wouldn’t know that from the Instagram pictures they post proclaiming their love for one another. Their friendship is based on all the wrong reasons. It’s mostly fake and it’s awful frankly.

Squads are made up of individual people who relate to each other in individual ways. You just can’t assume someone is really your friend just because they act so.

I’m sure that every girl has had an encounter with fake girls squads.

It’s appears as though the girls who hate each other the most are befriending one another so that they can keep tabs on each other. Love triangles are turning into friendships out of insecurities and competition.

I see you over there claiming ‘no, I and my girls genuinely love and support each other.’


That is even worse because true friends will criticize you where necessary. And not watch you make silly moves and decisions.

Edgar Obare shared this post on his Instagram page and almost all the responses were ‘yes girl squads are fake!’

Saying this is true is an understatement! This is very very true! Read one response.

Other girls went ahead to acknowledge the fact, that that is exactly how her squad operates.

“This is so me and my squad, ukiamka you’re the topic of discussion,” she said.

YOUR boyfriend

Surprisingly, the malice and hidden contempt in this girl’s squads are too much such that, the same girls you call friends go ahead and hit on your man! Yes, your boyfriend or significant other is not safe.

“I had a team of 12bridesmaids, I broke up with my ex but I hear most of them had relationships with him” admitted another fake girl squad victim.

Well, you’re only lucky if your man is not interested in anything he sees wearing a skirt. One woman admitted that her so-called friends camped in her boyfriend’s DMs. They tried tarnishing her name and even offered the boyfriend sex. Really girls?

Hitting on each other’s men. Why though? One lady actually said, “if your boyfriend is cheating, the probability is he’s cheating with one of your besties.” I agree with that, how about you?

The extents to which women go!

And the competition!

My take

These toxic fake unfathomable girls squads are always in competition. Who dresses better, lives more lavishly, dates a cuter or richer guy, buys expensive stuff, and so on.

You know I thought friends are expected to help each other grow. If your friends are low key in competition with each other why are you even with them.

As a woman, I have not undergone half the experiences that were shared. But I know for a fact that women are women’s enemies. You confide in a woman and the next thing you know, BNN, TUKO, and Nairobi Gossip Club are aware of it.

To avoid such drama, advised one woman, maintain a small circle. “The smaller the circle the lesser the drama.” And those are my sentiments exactly.

So simply be a good person, a good friend. And always be honest to yourself and to everyone in your life. Ask yourself if you have the best intentions for your friends. If you want to inspire them to be better people and cheer them on every day. Really want them to attain their goals? Do you truly enjoy their company? If you couldn’t firmly bring yourself to answer yes on every single one of those questions, then I have one more question for you: What the hell are you doing?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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