Reports emerged last evening that popular Twitter personality Frank Obegi was one of the four men whose mutilated bodies were found in Lari this past weekend.

Speaking to the media, residents of Lari in Kiambu county said the discovery of the bodies left them in completely shocked. One body was discovered on Saturday and three others on Sunday.

They suspected that the bodies had dumped them into the forest from elsewhere.

And according to eye-witnesses, the bodies had deep cuts on the neck and chopped private parts, which points to possible gruesome torture prior to their death.


Obegi was recognized as a social media influencer. He had built a strong reputation for his knowledge and expertise in the field. And by 2015 he became one of the most sought-after men in the industry.

However, at the height of the pandemic back in 2020, Obegi disappeared from the Twitter streets. And ever since then, he kept a low profile until Monday afternoon when the news of his untimely death broke out.


In a thread seen on Twitter, one use explains how Frank had resulted to scamming people.

Guys kuleni jasho yenu tu, scamming won’t help at all. He started with ATMs of which his brother Leyton (and some of us at seasons) warned him several times but hakusikia. On Monday they scammed someone Ksh 1M (cryptocurrency) allegedly whereby Mose is believed to have been the master mind. The guy went on a spree vengeful deadly mission to get his money back & that mission took away the 4 lives of my hommies.

Wrote the person.

Frank Obegi’s brother, Leyton, spoke to and confirmed that a close friend of the deceased had identified Obegi’s body at the City Mortuary, adding that the family only learnt about the sad news after the news item covered on Sunday night, June 19.

His brother stated that the family, which is based in Kisii, was not aware that the blogger had gone missing from Tuesday last week and was being sought by his friends in Nairobi where he was based and last seen.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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