DNG’s ex girlfriend Fionah James, opens up about domestic violence.

It takes a lot of courage for any woman to come out clean and talk about domestic violence. Most women feel guilty and ashamed. So they choose to suffer in silence instead of sharing their experiences and seeking the necessary help. Domestic violence and toxic relationships can never and should never be normalized.

Today, we all sympathized with Fionah James (DNG’s former girlfriend) as we read and listened to her heart-wrenching story of domestic violence. Other ladies sent empathetic messages to her via Edgar Obare’s Instagram stories. Some saying that they understand her for they have been through the same thing.

DNG was exposed not so long ago and we all noticed how quickly Fionah James pulled down their pics. Sooner, they were to be seen getting cozy and lovey-dovey in a video posted by DNG on his page. They’re seeing having a good time as they mimick Edgar’s fans who request ‘hide my identity’ whenever they share information.

DNG getting cosy with his ex girlfriend
a fan commending Edgar

Apparently Fionah james was doing this to please the man, he probably low key had a toy gun on her head. Fionah later messaged the tea master who has been praised for his warm nature by fans for actively listening and advising the girl unlike other so-called bloggers(as seen in the screenshot above). She opens up to Edgar sharing her ordeal in detail as seen in the screenshots below.

Punching bag?

Fiona opening up

Seemingly, Fionah has grown up in a toxic environment where she witnessed domestic violence and somehow normalized the behavior. She however blames herself and feels like she put herself in the situation because of love. People really do a lot of things in the name of love including bearing physical assault and Fionah is no exception, just another victim.


How bad could things be? The violence has led Fionah James to experience suicidal thoughts despite standing by the celebrity’s side in all his flaws and mistakes. The beautiful girl however adamantly expresses how much she doesn’t want to continue like that. “I can’t be someone’s punching bag,” she says. Allow me to refer to him as an ungrateful creature for lack of a better term.

In this together

Can you even bear half the load of things that she has had to endure? Because Violence, infidelity, physical, and mental abuse among other things. She even feels ashamed of opening up feeling like everyone will wonder why she stuck around but to her surprise or so I think, everyone felt for her and understood her. Some actually congratulating her whilst sharing their own ordeals.

a fan sympathizing with Fiona

Too much.. Fionah James

Since her story is quite a long and sad one, she opted to send an audio telling it all and it was not hard to capture the pain beneath her voice, poor girl. She admits how embarrassed she feels and even refers to herself as a clown while hoping that fans will not conclude that she was walking out after DNG was exposed.

In the audio below you can clearly hear her story which has led to various people feeling really sorry for her and other mixed reactions.

Asif beating her up was not enough, on one occasion, she discloses that after a thorough beating, DNG went ahead to call a girl to come to service him unbeknownst to him that the girl was Fionah’s friend. Small world, I tell you. Sincerely speaking, this man has no morals or even an ounce of respect.

For you to know that she isn’t lying or making up stories, the girl who was requested to go over, willingly told Edgar about it even disclosing that she had been romantically involved with DNG a few years back.

Fionah James concludes by expressing that DNG can never change since that’s the life he’s chosen for himself and advise girls to avoid him as far as the east is from the west. She feels sorry for herself for sticking by him even when her family wanted nothing to do with him. Nothing. But don’t beat yourself up Fionah. We learn through our mistakes.

Fiona James, DNG's ex girlfriend talking about domestic violence.
Fiona concludes

The audacity..

Audacity is probably a foreign word to DNG because he has so much of it. Obviously aware that he’s the talk of town he still went ahead to slide in a DM! For crying out loud DNG !!! So can you chill out please?

Fans, as I mentioned ealier, expressed various reactions including one that completely felt that domestic violence has been normalized since time immemorial by our great grannys who tolerated abuse in the name of ‘being a good wife.’ Nonetheless, the fan expressed the need for that habit to change.

Honestly it is very sad to hear such a painful story coming from a young girl, we can only imagine the magnitude of emotional distress she’s dealing with and hopefully she’ll seek professional help as she embark on a healing journey.

By Wanjiru Mbaru.

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3 years ago


3 years ago

????????????sorry but she is to be blamed..

3 years ago
Reply to  totoray

Are you the same totoray who was also crying about Dng?
That aside, I am glad she has realized that domestic violence should not be normalized and she is happy now

3 years ago

Heh wasichana hupitia yaani

3 years ago

I really feel for the girl, she should seek counseling.

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3 years ago

Well explained???? that Dng guy sounds like a weirdo aki

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