Sprinter Ferdinand Omanyala is currently the talk of the town. This is after his performance over the weekend in the 100m race.

Ferdinand managed to make it to the top. And is now the new African record holder of the fastest man in Africa.

While receiving a gift from Odibets, a brand new Harrier, Ferdinand revealed that his girlfriend stood by him through it all.

Omanyala disclosed that he lived in Huruma and he was as broke as a church mouse. But his girlfriend however paid the bills and even gave him money for training.

I trained for six months and we had no money. Thanks to my girlfriend, she was paying the rent and taking care of the bills as she had a job. She would bring the money to the table and tell me how to budget it, telling me what was training money, rent, and food…he said in part.

Omanyala says that he trained consistently for six months last year with no competition. And he believes that it is that determination and hard work that has got him where he is now.

The sprinter was that his girlfriend trained with him sometimes and thus she has been a part of his journey. I want to take care of her. She will get anything she wants.

His girlfriend, Lavesh is also a sprinter and an upcoming long jumper.

The two have been together for five years and have a cute son together.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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