Looks like season two of the Wife Material show by Eric Omondi was never meant to happen.

A few months ago, Eric was ready to air season two of the Wife Material show. That was after Kenyans welcomed season one which was aired late last year.

However, after a public altercation among the contestants the show was unceremoniously closed.

Moral cop Ezekiel Mutua had also expressed his concerns about the immorality the show was portraying. And as a result, Eric had no choice. But to call it off.

Recently, the funny man highly advertised a rerun of the show. And netizens could not wait for the drama.

According to Eric, the show was to be launched on Monday 24th. Therefore the ladies from East Africa who have been fighting to be Omondi’s wife, were set and ready to begin the drama.

Unfortunately during one of the sessions, one contestant went rogue leading to the untimely death of the show.

Eric took to his Instagram to say this:

Sadly, season two of Wife Material was never meant to happen. But we can say it happened, twice actually.

he consoled himself

The show was to begin tomorrow as was highly advertised. But unfortunately, that won’t be so.

he added

The President of Comedy Africa went on explaining the reasons as to why the show was not going to happen.

The idea behind wife material is to entertain. But most importantly to ensure that the contestants are comfortable, safe, and having the time of their lives while contesting.

Eric narrated how one of the contestants was rude. Despite numerous attempts to contain the situation, the atmosphere was already unconducive for continuation.

Unfortunately, one of the contestants went completely and utterly rogue. And despite numerous attempts to control the situation, the the atmosphere was already unstable for the show to continue. We say farewell to season two.

The comedian added that Season three of the show will begin almost immediately. See post

Netizens were caught by surprise by the revelation.

And one of the contestants from Tanzania Gigy Money, who is speculated to be the one in question, took to Instagram to give Eric a piece of her mind.

Do you think the show will eventually continue?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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