Eric Omondi’s ex-girlfriend Chantal Juliet decided to hop onto the ongoing shenanigans by clarifying a few things.

Chantal who broke up with Eric Omondi over two years ago amicably has for the first time spoken about him.

The two had been together for about four years before the unexpected breakup. They however did not site the reasons for their sudden breakup when they publicly announced that they were parting ways.

In a recent interview with Jalangoo on Bonga na Jalas, Eric disclosed why they broke up.

So he said that Chantal was fifteen years younger than him. And he felt like he was limiting her from pursuing her dream career in the aviation industry.

Eric added that her family was concerned about her joining aviation in Dubai and leaving her ‘husband’. But he advised her to go pursue her dreams.

Chantal has however taken to Instagram to rubbish Eric’s account of things. In a statement seen on her IG, the 25-year-old said that she has been silent since her separation from Eric. Because they left each other on good terms.

However, she categorically started that she wanted to clear her name from his madness. Citing her reasons being that there are things that Eric has said in recent interviews that were not true regarding her and her family.

She also added that so many people have approached her asking about the false information spreading about her. As a result, she chooses to focus on her life and her businesses and only deal with serious people. See post

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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