Eric Omondi finally launched his studios titled Big Tym Entertainment yesterday in a very exquisite event.

Eric Omondi has for the last few months kept his fans anticipating this. Even though he did not give a hint of what was to happen on November 17th.

The President of Comedy Africa has finally launched his studios despite prior speculation that Big Tym Entertainment was long dead. Surprisingly, it is back, bigger, and better.

In a video seen on his Instagram account, the launch of the studios and offices seems to have gone down well.

Omondi explained that he did that for creatives, up-and-coming artists. So that they don’t have to go to Nigeria to shoot their videos.

Yesterday was a dream! We finally launched Eric Omondi Studios and opened Big Tym Offices. God has done it again and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Read his caption in part.

The once skinny man went ahead to share that the large video studio was named after their legendary founding father Mzee Ojwang.

Also since ujaluo ni gharama, Omondi went ahead to brag that they have purchased six vintage classic cars and an aircraft for the artists to use in video shoots. These are situated at the Mama Kayai Park named after Mama Kayai who was present to launch it herself.

As if that was not enough, Eric also said that the audio studio is named after our father and mentor, Baba yao himself Mwalimu Churchill.

Eric during the launch

In other news, Eric Omondi has left girls tongue-tied as he flaunted his sexy body on his Instagram. The fine man who has been trolled for years due to his small body size said that it’s just the beginning! And he is in fact challenging himself to go further.

Congratulations for the wins Erico.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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