Eric Omondi has been giving subtle signs that he might be getting into politics.

The comedian has been expressing himself through his Instagram page. And his fans have begun catching the vibe.

So Eric joins other creatives such as Jalangoo and DNG who have publicly declared their interest in political seats in next year’s elections.

Through his Instagram posts and stories, Eric has continuously said that it’s about time that the youths unite, using the hashtag #fagiawote.

The funnyman is well known for his expression without fear. Y’all remember how he was always fighting with the former KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua?

In a video seen on his Instagram page, an agitated Eric has complained about the poor leadership of this country. He did not hesitate to mention how young people are being killed like flies by the police, due to Locs stigmatization, police brutality, and other reasons. Yet the same youths are the ones who have the most votes.

Vijana time imefika! Lazima tutake over!

The President of Comedy Africa complained that the leaders have stayed in power for so long that even his great grandmother knows them!

Kalonzo Musyoka – Joined Active Politics 1985 as MP Kitui North. Musalia Mudavadi – Joined Active Politics 1989 as MP Sabatia. Raila Odinga – Joined Active Politics 1992 as MP for Langata. William Ruto Joined Active politics As Secretariat Kanu YK 1992.

However, Omondi’s intentions are not clear yet. But he said that on September 1st he will disclose his plans.

Wednesday tarehe moja tutaisema na tutaifanya…lazima wajue power is woth the youth!…

Watch video below:

Most people are already assuming that Eric wants to vie for the Nairobi governorship seat or maybe the presidency. But lets wait and hear from him.

Would you vote for Eric as your governor or President?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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