Comedian Eric Omondi publicly declares that he is looking for a wife.

So if you remember very well Eric had been dating a very beautiful Italian girl. Their four-year-old relationship however came crumbling down due to reasons best known to them. The breakup was announced on his Instagram page.

Since the breakup Eric has remained to be a single guy and whether or not he has been dating, netizens are not aware.

No sooner had their relationship died than Eric was seen hanging out with the mother of his son Jacque Maribe.

Some speculated that the two were back together as they had dated some years ago. But evidently, it was just co-parenting and what not.

Wife challenge- Eric Omondi

Well, just the other day Eric Omondi admitted that he had been challenged by Latto Milk to add some weight. And clearly, he has. Because he has resulted in walking shirtless and flaunt his gains.

The self-proclaimed president of comedy Africa has taken to announce the new challenge he got from William Lawsons.

This was a challenge from William Lawsons, they told me I need a wife. And I told them I will involve Kenyans. Says Eric Omondi in a video seen on his Instagram.

So Eric said that this is one of those times he badly needs Kenyans to take him seriously. Because as a comedian it has become very hard for people to take me seriously when I need them to.

The funnyman has encouraged interested candidates to send a short video applying for the position and send it to 0782172766.

He went ahead to add that he will share all the videos and allow Kenyans to choose a wife for him the old African way.

The CEO of Big Tym Entertainment was keen to add that he is way too blessed mentioning that he has money, cars, and houses. I can confidently say that I have everything I ever dreamt of.

See caption

Girls are already sending in their applications which are being posted on his Instagram page.

Try your luck ladies.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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