Comedian Eric Omondi has announced that he will be vying for president in the next elections. And is imploring the youths to offer him support.

You know, the problem with being a comedian is that no one believes you even when you are serious. And sometimes they can’t differentiate the jokes and the seriousness in your voice.

So recently, Eric Omondi has been taking to his social media platforms to air his political views using the hashtag fagia wote.

Eric had got his fans speculating that he was eyeing a political seat. But it turned out he was campaigning for businessman Jimmy Wanjigi. See article.

Kenyans were shocked by Eric’s revelation and a ta lot of people criicized him and gave their opinions on the same.

After being bashed, looks like Eric has decided to change the plan. And instead of supporting Jimmy, he will vie for the presidency too!

In a long video seen on his Instagram page, an agitated Eric made the revelation. And begged the young people to offer their support seen that they make 68% of the total voters.

Omondi says that recently his folks called him warning him that the young people will not support him.

Watakuchocha! And throw you under the bus. But when you need them to arise and fight for their rights, watakutoka…hakuna kijana atasimama nyuma yako!…

The president of comedy Africa went ahead to call out the young people to be ready to fight for this country. And not only yap on social media as they are known to do.

Are you ready for change? Are you tired? Are you ready to support Eric Omondi? Juu 2022 I’m running for President. I need your vote. And Kenya will never be the same again. He concluded his speech.

Will you vote for Eric as Kenya’s fifth president? Watch the video below:

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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