When Mo said that this was the last time she would be addressing the Frankie issue in ENOUGH…


I kinda felt that.

But when Frankie dropped Yes ENOUGH.

We all knew that it was sure.

Frankie straight out dropped a sequel and ended the whole franchise at the same time.


This is the part where I have to do that intro thing right?


Welcome to whatever this is,

Baba Mboga‘s the name.

Let’s get this on the road now shall we?

Because we need a damn break from all this hulabaloo.



I’m breaking down Yes Enough,

Because fortunately mans understands mans

Especially when mans shows all parts of screenshots that womans deleted

….or edited out.

Or both.

Because we all love a good sob story right from a girl that clearly wants to twist the masses in her favor?




Let’s do this again shall we?

Let’s break down the video for all the fuckups it has o

And I’ll actually tell you what I think.

Niliwaambia kando ya Mungu ogopeni receipts.

This one is not for the faint hearted.


This might probably end up being a Frankie posh post but you know what,

I don’t care

The man has suffered enough.

Now sit down and grab your popcorn ey?

Enough aside, can I take you back to “Deadbeat dad” first?

Frankie really set the vibe on his relationship with his kids here,

I mean, this is clearly a dude that talks about his kids all the time.


All along he talks about his kids and even states that his greatest fear was actually losing his kids.

From talking about watching his kids transition from walking from crawling etc,

Conversation with them.

The little things.

Back to “Yes ENOUGH”

He adds that the kids are just dolled up and used on camera for clout.

also adding that Lexi doesn’t like pictures.

I mean I was talking to a relative about it earlier and to be honest,

Maybe I’m wrong about Frankie after all

I mean they have failed (I’ll get to that in a sec).

But I think the kids reactions on camera with tell you the type of relationship they share with the dad.

I mean if Mau was the type of person she presents herself as,

Why would she inform him about the kids sickness this late?

Why would she show only part of conversations between her and Frankie in ENOUGH?

It’s clear there was more happening

Why would she bring him up every time during interviews without any confrontation on his part?

And then there’s the insults that she kept from y’all…

I mean I’d be bummed if the father of my kids did what Frankie did.

But it’s not a co-wife situation lol.

Can you turn it down a notch on the insults please?


If the “enough” series had a triology I doubt the texts in question would see the light of day

But seriously,

There’s this one time Maureen really let her guard down and this happens.

and I think that’s some type of fucked up.

I’d make this post long because there’s so much.

But I probably might end it at this.

The whole “enough” fiasco behind, they were all wrong. Here’s why.

They both dragged the kids into this and I don’t think the kids can grow up healthy with this type of pressure.

Si we can agree no one’s running from that L

Ama namna gani myfrens?

Hey Corazon,

It must be hard getting caught up in the middle of all this.

Stay strong, It’ll all be over before long,

I gotta dip for now guys.

But as usual I’ll drop my IG before I leave.


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