Never thought I’d talk about the police when I signed up for this but ok

The other day I was watching some videos on social behavior and after a funny conversation with my friend on women’s hygiene later that day I came up with this conclusion,

You see humans are funny.

Our situation as a country is really messed up and we really need to talk about it.

I look at us as a country and this is what I see.

I see a person with shit on their head telling everybody around him


“Look at that guy over there!”

“He has shit all over his back”

Or here…

Here’s a better one.


“And why worry about a speck in your friend’s eye when you have a log in your own?”

-If you know you know (28 AD)

But jokes aside.

Can we have a conversation on police brutality already?

Police brutality is actually more common than you thought…

When SARS first started popping up online,

I was watching videos on YouTube and I just kind of went down those rabbit holes,

You know,

When you start off at a music video on YT, doze off with autoplay on,

Next thing you wake up to is people building houses underground or a weird conspiracy video on how the former FLOTUS is a man in disguise.

Main point is I started on SARS and ended up on documentaries on police brutality,

And what struck me at first is that all of these were done by media houses mainly outside Kenya

BBC, Africa Uncensored, Vice?

You know how big something has to be to make it on freaking Vice?

But again, it did.

I mean with only “7 officers” arrested over all these deaths,

It was inevitable.

Check it out before we continue…

I think it’s just 6 minutes,

And maybe you’ll start thinking from a new perspective.

Picture this scenario…

You’re headed home after a shitty day at the office,

Already thinking about how you’ll get in your local Umoinner which is probably crammed up,

On the way to your way to your shitty bedsitter

Maybe eat a shitty bowl of noodles before you hop on to your shitty bed.

Life is already shit right?

But it’s handleable shit.


I mean you have food, shelter, clothing, security right?


Not so fast on the last bit ey?

You see,

Where I come from…

The people we directly pay taxes to protect us are the same people oppressing us.

And woe unto them if one of them is killed in the line of duty.

Like juzi tu.

Anyone around Saika/ Umoja 3 knows about the cop that got gunned down by armed robbers.

Guess what happened next day?

Cops straight out storm a high traffic area assaulting people and cause a stampede,

The guy that flips chapos at my local Kibandaski gets scalded by his own oil, falls down, breaks and arm

Now sadly I have to eat chapatis harder than my already shitty life,

You wouldn’t see this in the media. could you now?

I mean, of course.

It’s almost an unwritten rule on Kenyan TV,

If it doesn’t involve dudes shaking hands and the other other one complaining in the background,

A road accident,

Or an addition to the dozens of unaddressed scandals,

It’s quickly aired in one segment of the 7 pm news after which it’s all sports and a wrap.

You get?

Where I come from,

We were often told a story about the Nyayo torture chambers,

An idea we all dreaded, embraced and grew up with.

We didn’t see people abused by the police getting justice.

I mean if anything,

This is the closest torture victims ever got from the late Moi.

Zero accountability?

You get my point?

Until we realize that we are the solutions to these problems,

We’ll keep running around in the same circles not solving anything.

And it’s not even hard.

Solution to this police issue?

Talk about it, simple.

Don’t let those conversations with your local mama mboga or your watchie on bruality die down.

You live in a magical world where you can literally call in pizza from a rectangle in your hand

It doesn’t take much.

140 characters and a solid hashtag.

I guarantee some washed up politician will make it his manifesto and with 2022 near,

This is literally the best time,

So yeah,

Get talking modasokas

And kuwa na msimamo,

Don’t be those weak ass punks that worship these suited guys and their bellies just because you have nothing better to do with your life ey?

Na nimeenda.

This is a long ass conversation that can’t be read in one sitting.

From how

I should work on a book right?

Let me know on IG

I have to go for now.

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