Veteran blogger, Edgar Obare, was forced to issue a public apology to retired socialite Vera Sidika after he shared rumors about her.

The mother of two who is currently gallivanting in Dubai had raised eyebrows over the nature of her visit. Netizens speculated that she was back to hustling after siring two babies in two years.

Days after her visit, an unreliable source reached out to Edgar Obare with claims that Vera was in Dubai to hang out with her rich Russian tycoon. The source further disclosed that Vera had issued stern warnings not to be served by East African employees since she is a celebrity.

Vera Responds

Vera Sidika reached out to Edgar Obare armed with receipts to clarify that she was not with any tycoon.

The voluptuous lass did not mince her words as she addressed the claims and tied them to her haters.

If you can write such nonsense without proof, pictures, and videos then you must really hate me as I have always known you do. She wrote.

Vera Sidika

Vera disclosed that her entire trip was planned and paid for by a particular agency that she is working with. Something that netizens have speculated to be a marketing strategy on her end.

I don’t know Russians

The mother of two went ahead to make it clear that she does not know any Russian, Arab, or white man in her life.

I have been in Dubai with my Dubai ex Yommy and my Tanzanian ex. But you create this whole thing to make me look like a whore? She cried.

Vera went ahead to castigate Edgar Obare for posting gossip about her with no evidence. Do you know how much damage this story can cause? She asked.

Edgar apologizes

The tea master, Edgar Obare, uncharacteristically apologized to Vera. In posts seen on BNN PREMIUM by this writer, Edgar apologized to Vera for publishing a false story about her.

Vera accepted the apologies and warned bloggers against publishing rumors about her in the future.


Whom do you think was in the wrong between Vera and Edgar?


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