Music mogul Dr. Dre is officially single after the judge signed off his request to be divorced from Nicole Young.

The two are now legally considered single again. But the judgment does not apply to any other aspects of divorce such as division of assets, debts, or spousal support.

Dr Dre and ex-wife Nicole

Their divorce process has been long overdue and messy. Since Nicole had been accusing Dre of abuse. But Dre denied the allegations saying that the lass was money hungry.

Also, Dre had been ordered to find a new divorce lawyer. And had to pay his estranged wife two million dollars per month as temporal spousal support.

The two had been married for twenty four years until last year when Young filed for divorce. She also claimed that the artist has been dissing her in his tracks and claimed that he had multiple mistresses.

Even though the judge restored Dre’s single status that’s not the end of the story.

Because Nicole still wants the hip-hop star to continue paying his bills as he did when they were married.

Young is still seeking the legitimacy of the prenup. And once they settle that down it will help resolve property disputes.

The two are also battling over how to share the music producer’s eighty million shillings attached to his name.

Do you think Nicole is a gold digger as netizens are labeling her?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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