New development in the murder case of Monica Kimani. The DPP said that the former news anchor Jacque Maribe planned with her ex-fiancé Joseph Irungu alias Jowie to murder the late businesswoman, Monica Kimani.

In their submissions filed in court, the prosecution has asked the court to find both Maribe and Jowie a case to answer for the murder of Monica.

The court has heard testimonies from 35 witnesses and after considering submissions from the state, Jowie and Maribe, the court will then make a ruling on whether they will be put on their defence or acquitted.

Assistant DPP Gikui Gichuhi said all events leading to the murder and subsequent lies made by Maribe to the police show that she planned with Jowie to kill Monica.

“This points to a calculating mind that planned ahead with Jowie to ensure the murder of the deceased,” Gichuhi said.

Maribe and Jowie

They acted together

Gichuhi said Maribe and Jowie were principal offenders, had a common intention and acted in unity to eliminate Monica.

She relied on a court of appeal judgement that held that aiding and abetting generally means somehow to assist in the commission of a crime or to be an accomplice.

It is not necessary that the aider and abettor had knowledge of the precise crime that was intended and which was actually committed, as long as he was aware that a crime would probably be committed, including the one actually committed.” The submissions read in part.

The state has also told the court to consider the fact that Maribe made no attempt to disassociate herself from the actions of Jowie and instead helped him to burn evidence.

The demeanor of Jowie and Maribe should also be taken into account at the time of investigations which entailed giving false information to the police to during the trial where the accused in some cases missed court proceedings or did not comply with bail conditions granted,” Gichuhi claimed.

Maribe and Jowie


The court has also been told that the two accused worked in conjunction to ensure that Jowie had the transport, a menacing weapon and the opportunity to cause the death of the deceased.

Maribe knew that Jowie had gone to the home of the deceased on the night of September 18 and went as far as announcing the sad news on Citizen TV on August 20 2019 knowing full well what had happened,” she claimed.

Gichuhi further said that at no time did she provide that information to the police in any of her statements or give the true nature of how Jowie sustained injuries in her house.

As a result, Gichuhi said that the prosecution has proved beyond any reasonable doubt that the two jointly and severally murdered the deceased.

“We urge the Court to place Jowie and Maribe on their defence as the prosecution has discharged its burden of proof in respect of each accused person and the Court should hold that they have a Case to Answer,” she urged.

Source: The Star


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