Here for the women’s opinion on body count.

So my friend wrote this article on men’s opinion on body count. And my take away was when a lady has a body count in the double-digit category, men tend to avoid her.

Let’s pick it up from there. Turns out that when a man has a high body count he earns a silver button or whatever. But when a woman has a high body count she is slut-shamed? The irony.

By the way, women will always lie about their body count. Because she doesn’t want her other qualities to be overlooked by the judgmental society and obviously because she’s owning up to doing whatever the fuck she wants with her body.

We, women, are aware that the power of sensual women threatens the male ego. It’s not a wonder men will obsess on this topic.

Why do men ask about our body count?

I think it’s funny how men place their own worth and value on their body count. Like Mike slept with thirty girls from his B.Com class, Mike is now a legend. Funny how ‘the higher the number, the better a man feels about himself’.

If a man shows interest in your body count, he’s obviously insecure. And ladies that’s a red flag right there!?. You’re asking why? Because such a man obviously views women as objects that lose value depending on the number of her sexual partners.

Such a man will perceive your previous partners as men who have defeated you, which is why they are intimidated by your number. So if you sleep with him too he will have less respect for you.

The man is seeking to control your behavior as if he isn’t engaging in the same behavior himself!

Also, this man can’t help but wonder if your previous partners we’re bigger or better. So jealousy and insecurity kicks in.

Men who ask about their partner’s past sexual encounters are dangerous misogynists who view a woman as a “hole” whose value depends entirely on one factor- the number of sexual partners.

You see they view sex as something that only men do to women, thus making them overpower women. What a backward way of thinking!

Some men don’t care

Some men don’t really care about women’s body count. Trust me.

There’s this guy I was talking to and he says I don’t give a fuck about my woman’s body count. In fact, I’d be so happy with a former hooker if she’s an awesome person and we were compatible. The number of her former partners is useless to me.

Another man said ‘I’d only be worried if the body count is the number of bodies the woman has buried in her backyard’.

Women’s opinion

Of course, I have done a little research before laying out the following conclusions.

Most women do not care about their partner’s sexual past. We’re programmed to admit and accept that men are sexual beings. So it doesn’t bother me that he had laid eighty seven girls before he found me.

Women are autonomous beings just like men, with a right to experience sexual pleasure as they wish. So having multiple sexual partners is in no way a crime against womanhood.

If you think a woman is kind, intelligent, beautiful, and a perfect match, does the number of men she has slept disqualify her?

I have heard some men say that they can’t buy tarnished goods. Bro who told you that our value depreciates with use? A little science, no matter how much pounding a vagina vets from a million dicks, it doesn’t reduce the elasticity. See this post for more info.

So don’t come to us women with that ‘huyo dame ni mtaro vibe’.

A woman’s worth is not dictated by her vagina but by who she is as a person.

Men, does knowing your partner’s sexual prowess terrify you? Because there’s certainly so much stigma attached to a woman with a high sex drive.

Why do you want to enter a relationship with so much previous experience yet a woman is expected to come in all chaste and naive?

In conclusion, dear woman, the number of people you have had sexual intercourse with is no ones business!

By Wanjiru Mbaru.

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Reading this I feel like you are attacking instead of putting facts.. the same way men feel about women who have high body counts are not wife materials or relationship type is how we women feel about men who have high body counts , that’s where the ” player ” comes from. . Asking about body counts is always a ” btw or casual talks ” in a relationship. Most times lazma the topic comes up and I don’t think when a man asks what’s the body count of a woman is malicious.. Less attacking , more facts. Reading this I just felt more of a person attacking the opposite sex rather than dropping facts that actually support your tittle. . #MyOpinion .


Ni wewe unaisoma na makasiriko. I don’t see any attack here. Pure facts. #men should stop slut-shaming the women for having a high body count. It’s very clear imagine.

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