Kenyans are demanding answers from popular Kikuyu singer Dj Fatxo. This is after he was associated with the death of a young man who was supposed to work with him.

On Wednesday the 22nd, a young man named Jeff Mwathi “allegedly” committed suicide by jumping from the 12th floor of a building in Safari Park Estate, Kasarani. According to a report by Inooro TV, Jeff had spent the day with Fatxo who had contracted him for some interior decor in his shop.

Excitedly, Jeff informed his mom about the same and went to link up with the singer. However, Jeff had spent the night drinking with Dj Fatxo at various environment joints along Kiambu road and ended at Quivers Lounge.

Later in the wee hours of the morning, the duo went to Fatxo’s house in Safari Park Estate where the the young man allegedly jumped from the 12th floor. The famous DJ stated that he dropped Jeff off and then proceeded to Roysambu. He claimed that he later returned home and slept, only to be awakened by neighbors upon the discovery of Jeff’s body, as Jeff had been living with him.

Jeff and Fatxo

Fresh details

However, fresh details have emerged suggesting that Jeff may have been murdered in Dj Fatxo’s house and that the “suicide” theory is a cover-up attempt. Dj Fatxo’s alibi is not adding up and he cannot account for his whereabouts between 5am and 9am.

Jeff’s friends and family insist the young man was in good spirits and there is a deliberate attempt by high profile individuals to cover up the murder. Besides suggesting that the young man committed suicide, the story has been muted by the media owing to the musician’s vast popularity.

CCTV footage being reviewed by the police showed that Fatxo, Mwathi and three ladies went to his apartment located along Thika Road. This is when things went south.

Now at around 4 am, Fatxo and the three ladies left the house, and they left Jeff in the house with two other men. Nobody knows what happened in that house as the two men also left the house and went down to the parking, and looked over. Fatxo’s cousin was also seen making a call and then Jeff fell from the 10th floor,” the victim’s uncle said.

Jeff’s body was reportedly found with his trousers past his knees.

The window where Jeff reportedly jumped off

Dj Fatxo did not attend his burial, nor did he mourn or post a message of condolences on his known official handles.

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By Wanjiru Mbaru

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