By Wanjiru Mbaru

DJ Evolve has a new way of life after being shot earlier this year.

DJ Evolve has been forced to adapt to a new way of life after allegedly being shot in January by Embakasi East MP Babu Owino.

He had been hospitalized for five months and left the hospital to receive care at home.

Felix Orinda popularly known as DJ Evolve spoke to NTV for the first time since the incident occurred.

DJ Evolve-The suffering

With much difficulty and a barely audible whisper, DJ Evolve says that he feels better as compared to when the incident occurred.

“Generally I am doing better as opposed to the first time it happened.” -DJ Evolve.

DJ Evolve admits to suffering from trauma which led him to have long sleepless nights. “I was really traumatized by the event at the beginning but I have learned to live with it.” He is however grateful that at least nowadays he can sleep. Because initially, he could not sleep at all since he kept having flashbacks of that fateful day.

Dj Evolve lying in bed
Dj Evolve lying in bed

This ordeal irked alot of Kenyans as the shooter walked freely with his head high. Babu Owino, despite being caught on camera is still living his best life.

On the other hand, DJ Evolve who was a master of his craft has been left bedridden. He is currently relying on people to do everything and I mean everything for him. He can barely move his arms and is only able to slightly move his fingers.

“Babu Owino only paid half the bill”

His mother who has suffered the biggest blow shares how her life took a drastic change since her son was shot. She, however, dismisses reports by certain newspapers that wrote about her ordering the release of her son from hospital. “I’m not a doctor to know if a patient should be released or remain in hospital. I saw it on the newspaper and I was very shocked because it was built up rumors.”

She went ahead to say that the bill was around seventeen million Kenyan shillings. But Babu Owino paid seven million beforehand as was agreed.

Talking on her son’s, Dj Evolve’s new way of life, the mother admittedly says that she has never seen or heard from Babu Owino despite the damage he caused. “I have never seen Babu Owino. I have not spoken to anybody. I have so much bitterness but I only talk to God.” She wept.

In a different report, it was rumored that DJ Evolve had forgiven Babu. But upon being asked he said that he has left it to God and the justice system.


The self-proclaimed future of the great Republic of Kenya, Babu Owino, has since then shown no remorse for his actions or expressed any desire to change. In an online exchange, on social media, he is seen allegedly threatening another fellow Kenyan.

DJ Evolve is a personal friend

In other news, Babu Owino announced that he and Dj Evolve are very good personal friends and that no man or woman should come in between them. Talking to former radio presenter Jalangoo on Bonga na Jalas, Babu addressed the issue by pointing out that it is a court case and should not be discussed outside the court. See video.

Netizens expressed their anger and frustration on Evolve’s new way of life via Edgar Obare’s Instagram. Some feeling completely dissatisfied with the Justice system while others agreeing that nothing can be done to salvage the situation. Below are a few reactions:

We wish DJ Evolve a quick recovery and may justice prevail. Meanwhile, click this link to sign the petition for his case.

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3 years ago

This guy is naughty, arrogant, karma is really wth all masters, diplomas he acts lyk “god” pple wake up and let’s slap him down

3 years ago

Justice for evolve

3 years ago

Justice for Evolve

3 years ago


3 years ago

This is sad, the saddest thing is DJ Evolve will never get justice, let God fight for him.

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