Last evening, tweeps were raging with fire after an unprecedented exposè of food blogger Miss Mandii emerged.

Things went south faster than she or anyone had anticipated after she made a tweet talking about accountability. And the 31-year-old became the trending topic.

I truly dislike people who aren’t big on accountability. You can’t go around doing things that hurt people then are afraid to be accountable to your actions. You’re stunting your own growth.

She wrote

A guy identified as Koome was left dumbfounded by the tweet wondering at what point the nefarious woman learned accountability.

Workplace bullying- Koome

Koome jotted down a long detailed thread of a few of the things he went through while he worked with Mandii.

Just sitting here watching the person who constantly terrorized & brutally bullied me the entire time we worked together talk about accountability.

He began his ranting.

So the man went on to document how Mandii would constantly call the entire office to a stop and make fun of his clothes when he didn’t have enough money to buy the trendy ones. He also told of how the sinister woman made up such hurtful nicknames for him behind his back. And laugh in his face because he couldn’t afford to order fancy food for lunch as he would cook his own food and carry.

According to him, Mandii felt that since he didn’t have an accent as well-polished as hers, he was not deserving to be a radio presenter like her. And she would happily remind him whenever he crossed her path.


Koome concluded that he has never met anyone with a heart darker than Mandii’s. But you will never convince me that there is a person in this our media/entertainment industry with a heart Blacker than Miss Mandii.

Mandii to Butita

They say that the internet never forgets. Because no sooner had Koome concluded getting things off his chest than Miss Mandii was thrown into the fire.

Twitter folks unearthed an email response that Mandii had sent to distinguished comedian Butita almost a decade ago.

So Butita had tried applying for a job in radio as a way to kickstart his career. And sent his content to capital radio. Mandii did not mince her words and arrogance as she responded to him.

So I checked out the clip and as much as I saw the audience laugh, I didn’t laugh. She said in part going on to disdainfully offer him reasons as to why he wouldn’t get the spot. Take a look below

Mandii beats Anita

As I said, the internet never forgets. Sometime back, the cruel woman was making headlines after beating media personality Anita Nderu.

The two together with their colleagues were on a team-building vacation at the time. So Anita visited the bathrooms and allegedly overstayed. How much time should one take in there? By the time she came out, Mandii pounced on her pulling her hair and beat her like a burukenge. (what’s that) She gave her such a thorough beating that Anita had to seek medical attention.

Rumors had it that she did not face any repercussions as she was having a romantic affair with capital FM owner the late Chris Kirubi.

Mandii poisons her friends

Well, just when we thought we had seen it all, I came across a tweet revealing that Mandii had poisoned her friends. Allegedly.
Her friends after eating some yucky food she had prepared fell ill.

Huyo Miss Mandi hata kuna beshte zake wanasema walipatwa na food poisoning after eating those bad things she cooks on youtube. One said she had serious diarrhea she had to sit next to a fan to cool off the burning sensation.

Read the tweet

Mandii solicits gifts from guests

As more people came out explaining more details about Mandii’s character, an artist reported that she once demanded gifts from them. The guy identified as Victor shared a clip of their interview where Mandii told them they ought to have brought her gifts.

If none of y’all brought gifts, y’all are whack! Half the guests who come here bring gifts like botties, t-shirts. She said as she adamantly refused to take a CD copy of their music album.

Much more has been reported. And clearly, we all can easily see what kind of a person the woman is. As we may not be aware of what action will be taken towards her, hopefully, bosses can employ humane people and possibly integrate therapy to help the likes of Mandii. It’s so evident she has a personality disorder.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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1 year ago

It is one thing to report news and another to diagnose a person as having a personality disorder. You are in no position to make such conclusions. Good journalism involves reporting on facts and not your opinion

1 year ago

They say karma is a bitch… energy you give always comes back 10 fold …be kinder guys

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