Robert Burale announced through social media that he had contracted corona virus.

Kenyans claimed that he was faking it. Health CS Mutahi Kagwe responded to the claims.

A lot has been happening since the president announced the re-opening of the intercounty borders. The country has recorded more positive cases of COVID 19 than before. For instance, on Thursday 9th July, there were 447 new cases. That was the highest number recorded in twenty-four hours since corona invaded the country.

Therefore stay safe as advised by the CS and other patients who have experienced the disease such as Robert Burale. If you’re not in the know let me bring you up to date.

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Robert Burale- I tested positive

Robert Burale is one famous motivational speaker and pastor. Three days ago, Robert announced on his social media that he had contacted the virus but was recuperating well.

For two days I fought for my life under the great care of the Doctors and Nurses at Nairobi Hospital…I saw the Hand of God…My progress is good ..My vitals are responding well…

Kenyans online claimed that Robert Burale was not sick. And that was a PR stunt, he could have been paid to act.

Some other netizens went ahead to refer to him as a conman based on his history. Because there could be a probability he was lying or faking it. See reactions below:

In his public announcement, Robert Burale gave an account of the whole situation and warned those who are taking the virus as a joke.

“FOR anyone who thinks this thing is a joke ..May the Lord have mercy on you ..I gathered courage and called a few people who have tirelessly prayed for me …and sent encouraging messages. Please, GUYS, are careful…Where did I get it? Your guess is as good as mine …I wish I knew..”

Kenyans who are very quick to misjudge and turn everything into a joke set out to do a Robert Burale challenge.

Robert Burale Challenge

Ezekiel Mutua’s message

Seeing how much of a frenzy Burale’s announcement had caused and netizens creating a challenge to mimic his hospital video, the prompted Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua took to advise netizens to refrain from mocking and making jokes about other people’s health.

“Never mock a man when he’s down. Never speculate, make jokes or be cynical about people’s health. We are all human and you can be fine one minute and the next all hell breaks loose. We are all so close to the edge. Life is fickle!” he tweeted.

CS I don’t know this guy!

Speaking to the public at Mombasa on 9th July, the health CS Mutahi Kagwe denied knowing Robert Burale. So the Health CS said he had no idea who the guy was and wished not to respond to rumors.

“You’re saying he was paid. By who? What is he doing?… Why would someone lie about their illness?.. The guy is probably sick but you have decided he is not..” Said the CS.

It appears Burale recovered instantly as he was expected to go on air to talk about his experience barely a week after contacting the virus.

Here’s the testimony he gave at Milele FM.

We thank God for Burale’s healing.

By Wanjiru Mbaru.

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