COVID-19 pandemic seems to be here to stay.

Addressing the country earlier today, the President has noted that covid-19 cases have reduced.

The President has also said that the number of Covid -19 cases in the country has reached a manageable level.

According to the Ministry of Health, five new deaths have brought the total number of deaths to 564. But there are now at least 19,296 people who have recovered from the virus.

Uhuru has outlined a new set of rules as follows;

The CS of Interior Coordination of the national government and chairperson of the council of governors shall convene a conference to review the national and county covid 19 response so far. And rechart Kenya’s post-covid-19 future.

The closure of bars and night clubs shall continue for a further thirty days. But the prohibition of the sale of alcohol by licensed hotels was vacated.

The Ministry Of Health and all bar owners should develop self-regulating mechanisms. So as to allow their resumption as part of their civic responsibility to their clientele.

The closing time for restaurants and eateries moved from 7 pm to 8 pm effective tomorrow, 27th August.

The maximum number of persons permitted to attend funerals and weddings was reviewed upwards. From 15 to 100 with all attendees adhering to the ministry of health protocols.

The ban on the sale of mitumba is lifted and details and protocols will be announced tomorrow..

The Ministry of Sports and Cultural Heritage the Ministry of Health will offer guidelines on the gradual resumption of sporting events in the country.

The nationwide curfew that has currently been there from 4 am to 9 pm has been extended by a further thirty days.

The president has however congratulated Kenyans for continued adherence to the set rules.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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