Seems like Corazon Kwamboka has decided to seek fame and attention through ENOUGH.

Well, if you’re not in the know, Enough is the latest drama aired on different YouTube channels. Enough was the title Maureen Waititu gave her brutal expose of her ex-partner Frankie. So Frankie had no other option that to dub his yes-enough.

It has been a long weekend and we have clearly been entertained.

So Maureen and Frankie have been fighting, online. And Corazon only happens to be in the picture because she is with Frankie.

In her forty-three minutes video, Maureen takes us through her experience with Frankie since they broke up.

In the video, Maureen does not hesitate to show receipts as she paints Frankie as a deadbeat dad.

As a result, Frankie had to reiterate in the same manner. So he too shared his side of the story through a video. And of course, receipts were included.

The two videos have sparked so much reaction from netizens as anticipated. Fans have been forced to take sides. But the most notable reaction was from one Corazon Kwamboka.

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka who is also Frankie’s current girlfriend took to Instagram to support him in a series of posts.

You’ve talked down on me, you’ve called me names, you’ve insulted my child, you’ve threatened and harassed me. I took it all in because I know the pain of heartbreak, I empathized, I hope with time you’d heal. And everything would be easier but with time, things got worse…

Read one of her posts

It is not clear at what point Maureen insulted Kwamboka. However, Corazon went ahead to post other allegations. One of them claiming that Maureen used to drive to her house at midnight, so she moved out because of fear. The voluptuous lady went ahead to insinuate that Maureen is a bitter ex because she (Corazon) sired a baby with Frankie.

In the same attempt to fight for the ‘deadbeat’ baby daddy, Kwamboka claimed that Frankie actually tries to make things work. And she also acknowledged that ‘it may end in premium tears.’

Netizens are surprised by Kwamboka’s reaction as it appears that she’s seeking unnecessary attention. ‘Why is she making up lies…?’ Asked a fan.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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Ati Corazon claims to be a lawyer but her grammar showed otherwise

ROSE southam

This 3 cartoons are ignorant of the fact that the only people they are hurting are those beautiful kids.Kwamboka I have news for you Frankie will do the same to you and move to another femaie .Frankie is so immature .Frankie is those men who needs women to boost his ego. Kwamboka next it will be you dishing the dirt Grow up

Last edited 1 year ago by ROSE southam

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