By Baba Mboga

It’s been a good minute since I did gossip

If you’re a tea picker you know how ugly it’s been out here.

It was ugly,

Still kinda is but meh…

We shall overcome.

But anyhu…

We shall overcome

Bet y’all werent Tayari for this one though…


Yeah… I know.

But anyhu.

Y’all won’t guess who the newest celeb kiddo is in town!

Taiyari’s finally here !!!

So for those who didn’t know about Corazon and Frankie,

There’s a whole story about this. Check it out here.

Back to the story:

The new couple added a little bundle baby boy to their keep on Wednesday

In a video titled “He’s here” on his YouTube channel, Frankie takes us through the whole experience at the hospital.

Taiyari’s birth has been surrounded with a lot of positivity as alot of fans went to congratulate them in the comments.

But I gotta admit these ones were slick…

Si Corazon uploaded baby bump pics on Sunday au?

Whole time kid’s already here lol.

But all in all, I’m really happy for them and can’t wait to see more of Tayari.

Y’all keep breaking that “privacy” thing you got going on and we’ll get alone just fine.

Si mwache niende?

You can peep my Instagram.

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Baba mboga for the win,, tittle kwanza captivates you.

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