Diamond Platnumz becomes the first East African artist to hit over 100 million views in a song.

Well, other than being the connecting factor for East Africa by managing to plant a baby in each country, Diamond Platnumz is an incredible artist.

Wasafi president Diamond Platnumz also known as Simba, has made history after a song he was featured in hit one hundred million views!

Y’all I’m so excited about this because I so love listening and dancing to the Yope remix.

Yope remix by Diamond Platnumz and Congolese Innoss’B was uploaded on Youtube in September last year. The song was produced by director Kenny. So it has gained this much views in about ten months only.

Wow! (My views probably add up to a hundred thousand).

The good news was posted on the WCB Instagram page. “It all started as a dream and finally fulfilled for the first time in Tanzania…” Read the caption in part.

A billion views

Diamond Platnumz is not your ordinary artist. Because he is also the first artist in sub-Saharan Africa to amass over a billion views.

The father of four accomplished that victory on June 10th this year.

Diamond Platnumz also has a huge number of subscribers on youtube, slightly over 3.8million. And I’m certain beyond any doubt that three-quarters of the subscribers are Kenyans.

Diamond Platnumz, Ali Kiba Reunion

The celebration has come after President John Maghufuli of Tanzania brought Diamond, Harmonize and Alikiba together.

The three have been music rivals until last weekend when they were pushed to share a table at State House.

The president admitted in his speech that he was excited to see the three of them together. Because that is the kind of country he wants.

The wasafi family

I feel like we should unanimously agree that Diamond is doing good, musically and financially as he gave his former baby mama Zari a top-up to get a new Bentley.

By wanjiru Mbaru

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