Honestly speaking, Azziad Nasenya is probably the best thing that has happened to Kenyans in the midst of the corona pandemic.

Azziad, who has soared to fame and greater heights is just counting win after win. And of course, celebrating and accepting each as it comes to her direction.

The internet sensation first came to light when a TikTok video of her dancing to Femi One‘s Utawezana song went completely viral.

The tiktok queen melted and stole hearts of many Kenyans instantly.

Azziad-new show

Well, Azziad will from now on be hosting a new show labeled Concert Nyumbani together with TV personality Mwaniki Mwageria.

Apparently, the show will be aired at 2 pm starting next Sunday on nine TV stations simultaneously. Nine!

The show is a musical event that aspires to celebrate and enjoy all the heroes and heroines who arose from the current health epidemic.

The nine TV stations expected to air the show are KTN TV, NTV, KBC, K24, Y24, TV47, PPP TV, Switch TV, and Metropol TV.

Eugene Mbugua, one of the directors, was the first one to make the huge announcement on his Instagram page.

Azziad-another show!

Seemingly, endorsements are running Azziad over. Because she is also set to be co-hosting another cooking show alongside one social media comedian, Mulamwah.

The show is dubbed Cook-Off. Mulamwah could not hide his excitement as he shared the news on his Instagram page. But Azziad has not posted a thing yet, maybe she’s not a fan of online celebrations…

Half a million followers!

Among other wins that Azziad is celebrating is the tremendous increase in the number of her Instagram fans. She has effortlessly garnered over five hundred thousand followers in a couple of months. And mind you the number keep growing by day.

What would like to tell Azziad now that she is in the limelight? At BNN we wish her more wins!

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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Pia she is acting pale the show Selina.

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