By Baba Mboga

Joan Kubai’s “yeah”s are probably more than the times the F word is used in “The Wolf on Wallstreet.”

But yeaaaah..

Let’s just get reminded of how poor we are

And how our dads aren’t allowed access to public funds…

Well, for those who don’t know who Joan Kubai is…

I cannot help you.

I know just as much as you do from the internet,

But I’ll just say what’s on my mind

And in my browser so ummmh…


Le’ts get to it.

Who the hell is Joan Kubai again?

Well… Remember your history class when “The Kapenguria Six” might’ve come up in a class?


It was probably that triple history lesson right after lunch time.

So I understand your situation.

The Kapenguria Six were the bigwigs of the political days back then and they were locked up blah blah blah..

One of them was known as Fred Kubai.

Fred has been claimed to be Joan’s grandfather according to the streets.

A fact that has since been refuted by Joan herself.

You can find the video on Edgar Obare’s Instastory.

But hey…

Free history lesson,


Lineage or not…

These guys are balling.

Balling hard.

No corona,

No nothing,

Just balling the shit out of life.

What better way to show that you’re balling than to get online and show people the tour of your mansion?

Even if your dad was under investigation for corruption by the EACC because of stealing public funds…

Heck, if politicians can get away with shooting someone infront of camera.

Mi ndio nani niongee na keyboard yangu hapa?

The house.

Can’t say much about this one,

The house has like so many rooms and I really don’t want to kill the “WTF” look on your face when you hear about the indoor lift so here’s the full video.

You can also catch the best bits on Edgar Obare’s story…

Along with all the best snippets of Kenyans reaction to the whole thing…

Kenyans reaction

Well… you can always count on Kenyans to Kenya.

It is what it freaking is

These people went ham…

From the Joan Kubai house tour challenge to memes and even a Kenyans online petition to join the Kubais, Kenyans just delivered as expected.

Here’s just a few reactions across social media platforms.

The Joan Kubai House tour challenge on Twitter
Tea pickers waachwe nyuma kutoka lini?

But hey,

Let’s just sit tight and see how this one goes,

She literally went back on social media to tell people to pull the video down after it went viral.

But Kenyans are like reggea…

Freaking unstoppable.

But you put it out for publicity in the first sense,



Let’s just see how this one goes.

Kuna watu hio simu hatungewai ona mpaka dunia iishe.

But to each their own…


Sa juu barabara zimefunguliwa,

Are you happy about going back to church ama wewe ni fornicator?

Gubai Kenyans,

Here’s my instagram

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LOOOOL I love the writing style ?


Sasa I thought alikua ashasema she is not related to Fred kubai



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