On February 9, 2024, Lady Justice Grace Nzioka delivered a decisive guilty verdict against Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu in the case of Monica Kimani murder that occurred on September 19, 2018. Monica Kimani was found dead with her throat slit inside a bathtub at Lamuria Gardens Apartments in Kilimani. Jowie, a budding gospel singer and the first defendant, was the last person to see Monica Kimani alive. And he was charged alongside his once-fiancée Jacque Maribe– accused of being an accomplice. While the Court admitted that the “case is based on circumstantial evidence,” here is what tied Jowie to the murder.

Jacque Maribe and Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu

Identity Theft

Court proceedings revealed that Jowie meticulously planned the murder, stealing Dominic Bisera’s identity card two days before the offense. And which he used to gain unauthorized access to Monica Kimani’s apartment.

“The accused person stole the Identity card of Dominic Bisera two days prior to the commission of the offense,”

Lady Justice Grace Nzioka stated.
Joseph Irungu alias Jowie during Monica Kimani’s murder trial

On the night of the crime, Jowie armed with a gun, donned a kanzu over his clothes and headed to Lamuria Gardens Apartments. Inside, he used the gun to subdue the victim. And violently took the life of Monica Kimani who died after her throat was slit at the lymph nodes level.

“The accused armed himself with a gun, carried a kanzu, put it over his clothes, went to Lamuria Gardens Apartments, disguised his identity, and gained access to the apartment of the deceased and murdered her,

The court detailed.
Monica Kimani

Jowie Attempts to Destroy Evidence

Following the crime, the accused left the deceased’s house and changed his clothes. Upon returning home, he sought to erase any trace of the heinous act by deliberately burning the clothes worn during the offense.

” He left the deceased’s house, changed his clothes, and eventually went home and burnt the clothes he wore during the commission of the offense.

The judge said.

Eyewitness in the six-year case reported seeing Jowie’s bloodstained clothing, including a white kanzu. Additionally, bloodstained khaki shorts were discovered in Jowie’s and Jacque Maribe’s house.

Guilty of Monica Kimani Murder!

Monica Kimani

Lady Justice Nzioka stressed the significance of assessing all evidence collectively. The court concluded that the accused’s series of actions, including identity theft and calculated steps before and after the crime, pointed to a compelling guilt verdict against Jowie for the offense of Monica Kimani’s murder.

“It is the finding of this court that all this evidence taken culminatively, leads a strong conclusion that the first accused person murdered the deceased. the first accused person guilt as charged herein of the offense of murder on the night of September.”

The court ruled.

After the conviction, an emotional Jowie broke down into tears. His jail term will be disclosed on March 8.

Lady Justice Grace Nzioka (Source: Citizen TV)

By Vivian K.

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