Victor Ber, the creative director of the glorious Churchill Show, has undoubtedly become an enemy of most people in the last few days.

Well, if you are not aware why see this.

Zeddy the comedian has stirred an online commotion as from 1st July in a post she made. Zeddy accused Victor Ber of frustrating and demoralizing the comedians. As a result, most of the comedians suffer from stress and depression and on some occasions, they commit suicide. Such was the case with Njenga Mswahili and Kasee who were comedians at Churchill Show.

Zeddy condemned the Churchill show director for not giving space to women. “Because he wanted his wife to shine..” She wrote. She claimed that it is because of him that Churchill show has few female comedians. (Ber’s wife is comedian teacher Wanjiku).

Victor and the wife Teacher Wanjiku

However, Zeddy the comedian did not stop at Instagram as we went ahead to sermonize the same at Bonga na Jalas.

Through it all, Victor Ber had not retaliated. Not a single word uttered in his defense.

His silence has caused some netizens to conclude that Zeddy was only trying to tarnish the beautiful name of Churchill Show.

But noticing how much damage was caused, Victor Ber admitted to Daily Nation that he spoke to Zeddy.

“Yes, without a doubt (I will welcome her). Since she wrote those things, I tried to keep it to myself, but she kept posting more and more and it wasn’t until Wednesday (July 8) that I picked up my phone and texted her and she called me back. I know her very well and when you watch the videos, she cannot edit the way they were,” Ber said.

Victor Ber went ahead to claim that someone else could be using Zeddy to bring Churchill show down. But according to him, they’d still remain friends and he is willing to invite her to Churchill Show.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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