Presenter Chiki Kuruka has set the record straight on being mentioned in the Michelle-Makena saga.

So earlier this week beauty entrepreneur Michelle Ntalami opened up on a strained relationship with Makena Njeri. And eventual break up.

In her statement seen by BNN, Michele revealed that Makena cheated on her severally with various people. But the ones she knew and confirmed were two; a media personality and a married health worker. See article.

Edgar Obare fans were quick to find out who the two ladies in question were. And it did not take a day to solve who the heath worker was. A little-known doctor who is/was married to a white man. See post reveal.

In their quest to know who the other person was, fans have been digging deep. And came to the speculation that the other lady in question was Chiki Kuruka- Bien’s wife.

is it Chiki?

A social media user popularly known for parading her behind on Instagram, summoned Chiki demanding to know why she separated Michelle and Makena. But why did you break up Makena and Michelle? Asked Essy Apple.

So Chiki who was obviously tired of seeing her name being dragged in the drama gave the fan a piece of her mind.

it wasn’t me!- Chiki

@esseyapple I would normally ignore this. But I guess I have time right now. Let’s do this let’s tag the people you are chatting about because as far as I’m aware @michelle.ntalami has never mentioned my name in her messages. I have never had a relationship with either a non binary person, nor a woman. Instead I have ALWAYS given my support to a community that I greatly love and respect.

Chiki went ahead to tag Michelle saying that she has a lot of love and respect for her. And that the fan should go ask Michelle any other questions.

I have always had nothing but respect for Michelle actually, but the fact that I am involved in something that has NOTHING to do with me needs to end. If you are so concerned, I have tagged Michelle, don’t speculate, ask her your damn self if she was referring to me. Then leave my page.

As a result, Michelle being the sweetheart she is, did not hesitate to respond to the comment. Clearing Chiki’s name out of it. And adding that the issue is between her and Makena and whoever they cheated with does not matter.

Thank you for tagging me in this @chikikuruka! Hey @esseyapple I want to be very clear and clear Chiki’s name from the two persons I alluded to in my open letter. Neither of them is her. Additionally, the hurt caused has less to do with who the two people are, and more to do with ‘them’ and I. Ultimately, the decision to be faithful will always boil back down to the two people in the relationship. That said, keep shining your light @chikikuruka! As a fellow ally, I see and love what you are doing for the company and community! I will always be there in truth and in spirit

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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