Recently Amber Ray’s ex-husband and politician Zaheer Jhanda took to Instagram to mock Jimal for publicly acknowledging her as his second wife.

In one of his posts Zaheer captioned ‘meanwhile niongezewe popcorns na kuku”.

Socialite Amber Ray has responded to Zaheer in one of her posts. The two were married for close to two years before breaking up in 2018.

The other day I saw my ex writing funny captions to make fun of me with the same shit that he knows deep down he is the one who put me there.

Amber went ahead to mention that she is aware Zaheer is hurting seeing that another man is making her happy.

I know it hurts to see another man clean up the mess you created. And I know how wicked you are.

In her opinion, Zaheer needs to show himself some respect as he is aging and will soon be a grandfather.

But can you just respect yourself and your age for once? I mean soon you will be a grandpa.

Messages to my husband have reduced- Amber Ray

In an interview with Jalangoo, Amber Ray’s husband Jimal Rohosafi revealed that she is the one who manages his social media accounts.

Making fun of it, Amber has disclosed that messages from women wanting her husband have reduced.

Kutoka my husband aseme I manage his social media accounts, DMs za wanawake zimepungua huko.

The mother of one went ahead to add that most of those messages are from women who insult her the in comments section.

Na funny enough wale wanaonitusi kwa comments ndio wako kwa DM na ‘hi handsome’.

Jimal and Amber have been together for quite some time now. And they have chosen to parade their relationship on social media.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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