I know I just clickbaited your dumbass when I said screenshot.

But we’re friends… aren’t we?

If not… I’m sorry I promise,

I’m not usually this rude.

My name’s Baba Mboga by the way.

Aaaand this is the screenshot in question.

You must be thinking… Yeah sure,

The man is wrong for cheating!

And suddenly lé femme community lights up in their communities and before you know it, someone gets misled and pulls a similar stunt to this screenshot.

But please, you do you…

Off you go then…

Buuut before you do

Here’s where the screenshot lady messed up.

If you’re a few years above legal age you might’ve noticed that there has been an ongoing debate on gender roles.

With more women getting employed and economic times getting harder the tables are turning.

Woe unto anyone still left on the old side of life because this right here, is what happens when you skydive without a parachute.

You go splat!


Yes I said it.

Can we cancel the “kuja unizalie” culture already?

Most men that tell you this just want to hit and bail.

Respect yourself and your gender at that.

By that I mean have goals,

Have a vision,

Get a financial plan for Pete’s sake!

Bring something to bring to the table because hear me out:

This is as true as it’s ever going to get on a Kenyan blog.

Here’s the truth:

First of all sijaomoka,

So I understand this might be different for a handful of you (yer lucky bastards…)

But I know my demographic

This is what I can say,

This is what keeps a proper man on his toes,

A woman that has something going on for herself.

A girl that knows wants him but doesn’t need him.

A lass that can he can support 24/7 as he also grows.

Because that’s what a partnership is at the end of the day.

Prince Harry left the royal family and moved to the US for Meghan Markle.

Yet here you are arguing with Kinuthia over how many pairs of underwear you need?


Your ancestors did not die for this abeg!

Sambaree stahp meh!

On a calmer note…

Here’s the thing,

Most men I know don’t share my school of thought.

But the truth has to be told.

Are we togeza?

You see… the thing with alot of men is that their egos are kinda ummmh…

How do I say this?

They’ll prefer someone low maintenance that will stick by them no matter what they do.

Be it cheating, lying… you know how this goes.

And you, lady with no job taking relationship advice from Twitter screenshots aka screenshot lady

Happen to be that person.

For the sake of your sanity, be a busy woman if at all,

You want to attract higher quality men right?

Then stop waiting on a man to pick you up from the gutter and pull you up with them.

True, I know it happens,

But doesn’t winning the lottery happen too?

Don’t be a shortcut for a man that wants quick control with you with little to no investment.

You never win.


He may have money,

And he may call you baby.

But that’s probably all he’s going to see you as.

I feel like this is where the blog should end.

I’ll talk about the cheating back aspect in another story.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram and talk to me about your situation.

Who knows?

It might just help someone out there in the same predicament.

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I made it easier for you then…

Just click here.

Off you go then.

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