Damn Daniel!

You know,

Science has gone ahead to prove that one of the worst things that could happen to you is winning the lottery.

Crazy I know.

This isn’t your normal lottery.

However, the numbers are almost alike and in this case like many lottery cases,

The athlete in question loses everything.

It all started with a domestic violence back in 2015 that left him off the NFL roster and down a dark spiral.

But first let’s talk about his rise go and beyonfmd the American dream

A brief history.

Daniel Ojambo Adongo is the first Kenyan ever to play in the American NFL.

He started off playing rugby in Kenya. After export he played for a South African rugby union called the Southern Kings.

Later on he was spotted by an agent and signed into the the Indianapolis Colts in 2013 in a deal speculated at 216 million.

Then 2015 happened…

A woman Adongo lived with told police she feared him and didn’t want to return to their residence citing domestic violence.

Police had been called to his house a couple of times due to related incident and as a result, he was dropped from a game.

The team gave no reason for his absence but 1+1 has always been 2.

Flash forward to December 10th, the police went to his house again after Dawn Monks, a friend of the victim.

They noticed thats she had a black left eye, a large cut on her lip and marks on her lower wrists.

There were also “multiple holes in the walls and damaged appliances.”

On reporting to the station it was reported that he tried drowning her in the bathtub.

No charges were filed and he was free.

My take…

I tried to find a valid reason to where all that money went but noone’s talking about it.

It however, could be as a result of bad investment decisions.

Also doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that he picked up a drug habit along the way.

I even don’t wanna sound comical in this post since the videos are hard to watch.

I remember seeing this dude on Churchill just after leaving secondary school and whew!

It’s a long shot from anything he mightve looked like.

Also, as much as I don’t want to sound professional,

He is just fucked up on a whole other level.

These are alleged texts between him and his mum who I will salute in absentia.

Reactions on Twitter…

Anyhu, kinda out of the weather today.

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Mungu wangu!


I guess I am a terrible person because if my son (or daughter) spoke to me like that, I would never talk to them again or help them in any way. The fact that they qill have been born of my womb means I would piss in the water than give itto them to drink if the spoke to me like that. Sipendi ujinga na kama ni drugs hatutumii na wewe. Nonsense!


I couldn’t even read the screen shots

Caroline Meryl Achieng

This is so sad..I’m feeling so sorry for his mom. This guy sounds possessed or the drugs are spewing all that vile to his mum. I wonder what happened in a span of five years..this life eh..??

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