So for the past week or so,

Two movies that Nick Mutuma has been associated made it to Netflix!


I mean they’re good movies and all but I don’t know what else that means to me.

Extra incentive on his end?

Increased chances of bagging awards?



But what I do know is that I have movies to tell my random discord friends to watch.

I mean… It’s about time we got good Kenyan content

And we dont always have to say to our friends from abroad

“w A t C h N a I R o B i h A L F L i f E i T s a W e S O m E”

I mean… it’s good to have something to “represent” us…

If you know what I mean.

I mean don’t get me wrong.

It was and still is an awesome movie.

But that isn’t all what Nairobi is.

It certainly doesn’t help with depiction of what Kenya is.

Our country is….


A vibrant city that can rip your head off,

Put you in the back of a Probox with 46489438 other humans at 2301 hrs for not wearing a face mask,

Heck, “Kukula mutura” can get you persecuted out here.

(You really think you know what I’m talking about but you don’t get it)

For those DO who know what I’m talking about,

Say hi to Mkamburi and tell her I’m watching.


Point is,


I have seen enough of African movies from the ghetto.


Sorry, that was my cat lol.

So, where was I?

Nick Mutuma just added another reason to his resume to steal your girl.

But my old friend Waruri says that he’s a really chill guy,

And I believe her.

(Congrats on the wedding btw Mrs Mahare)

Your memes shall be missed.

So what really happened to Nick Mutuma?

If you’ve been keen over the past weekend you do know that Nick Mutuma was caught up in some really nasty sexual allegations.

The reports go back as far as 2017 I guess.

The tweet came up from a friend of the alleged victim that not only tagged Netflix directly,

But also Nick’s account and the claims in question in surprisingly less than 140 characters.

It is really surprising how little it takes to do so much.

Check out the thread:

To which Nick replied:

Here’s what I thought…

Y’all need to stop this tomfoolery

Like honestly.

Sure, I get it… He assaulted somebody.

He admitted to it.

What more remorse do you want?

I mean he is by far better than MOST of y’all

And I’m a gossip blogger so trust me when I tell you…

Udaku inaniamsha, inanilisha.

I know how these people are.

80% of Kenyan celebrities always just blur into this one really ugly person that I have no intention of talking about today.

But only lets say 0.00058696% are actually on a global platform to put Kenya out to the world.

Nick Mutuma of course being one of these.

Why the heck would you want to ruin that?


And doesn’t the timing of this just look too sus?

I mean, the man just struck a goldmine… or whatever.. I don’t know.. don’t care

But it’s possibly a good break fot the man in an obviously disastrous 2020.

Don’t be the person to ruin that over a hatchet that was already buried.

It’s clear this was already resolved in her tweet

“I would never allow the voices of any victims to be silenced” reads to me,

“I am not a bad person so I decided not to put it out there

… would you not try to be a dick on my behalf?

I mean sure it happened, but could you not be a dick about it?”

If that doesn’t sink in…

How about this?

What I’m saying is,

Don’t be a dick for once dear feminist?

Cut the man some slack.

He needs to win in peace.


Don’t be a dick.

Leave the Nick.

It’s really not that hard.

Aaaaaand fare thee well.

Or whatever whoever said.

It’s 5:11 am and I’m cranky.


As usual.

Baba Mboga is the name

I swear,

My Instagram is lame.

(That should be a thing lol)

Here’s a window to my soul.

Fuck eyes…

It’s the music for me.

To living carefree?

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