Earlier today, the High Court ordered the Brookhouse school parents to pay full virtual school fees for their children.

The parents argued that since the government ordered the closure of schools, they continued learning online.

But with a paltry discount of ten percent only which they termed as unlawful.

Parents had sued the institution in a bid to block a 90 percent fee demand. And the suspension of classes for kindergarten and lower primary since schools remain closed.

So the parents went to court seeking a thirty percent waiver of school fees to be issued to them.

However, the court said that it has no mandate to oppose the Brookhouse administration requirements.

The court went ahead to say that all parents should pay the full school fees as is expected of them.

Justice Weldon Korir in his ruling said that the market dictates the cost of a product or service. And as a result, why should parents take their children to a private school if they can not afford fees?

The Judge said that private schools are not funded by the State. And must charge fees in order to provide their services.

Private schools are not funded by the State and they must charge fees in order to provide services. The onus of determining whether fees for private schools should be capped is an issue for the Executive and Parliament,

he said

Brookhouse to form a PTA

The judge went ahead to ask the parents for a parent and teachers association. (PTA).

The association will allow for consultations and consent for any changes in policies, rules, and regulations.

The judge ruled that the association be formed in 120 days.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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