Former Nairobi Diaries star and retired socialite Lucy Okoth popularly known as Bridget Achieng is currently on the spot for cases of human trafficking.

Lucy is said to have been advertising jobs available in Turkey. And upon application, she would invite the ladies to the country.

The group of ladies going live with Instagram user Black Cinderella explained in detail their horrific experiences.

The ladies

The accusations

They accused Bridget of luring them into lucrative jobs only for her to end up trafficking them for sex

One of the ladies explained that she had reached out to Lucy after seeing the job advert on her page.

I had a chat with Bridget on Instagram after I saw a post advertising jobs on Instagram. She informed me that there were cleaning jobs, factory jobs and so many vacancies. She said I should pay Sh300,000, which I had to borrow. After that, I signed a contract and traveled with the other ladies.

Other ladies divulged that they were expected to pay eighty thousand Kenya shillings. And carry foodstuffs to their alleged new job destinations.

According to the victims, they had traveled to Turkey on April 27th.

When they got to Turkey Bridget called them for a rendezvous and informed them that there were no jobs. However, they would be working at her brothel. They admitted not to know what a brothel was.

One of the ladies said that Bridget paid for her flight even though she alighted at a very far airport. And had to travel for over five hours to get to her house.

When she got to her house she was asked to go pick up a parcel. And when she opened it there was a packet of a bottle containing black magic.

Black magic

They accused Bridget of using black magic on them. Saying that she would link them up with cleaning jobs only for them to go and get sexually assaulted. They said that their ’employers’ would put the magic in their drinks and they would in turn get horny and engage with the men who had paid for sex in advance.

The ladies went on to say that Bridget would bring men to the house who would then choose which of the ladies they wanted to go have sex with. This was after she had forcefully taken naked pictures of them and shared them with the potential clients.

The ladies however disclosed that they had managed to escape and were still in hiding. Black Cinderella implored citizens to help the ladies by paying their flights back or by any other means. Thy are also appealing for assistance to reach the Kenyan Embassy in Turkey so they can find their way home.

Bridget responds

In retaliation Achieng claimed that the lay were out there to tarnish her name. Because most of them even owed her money amounting to twenty million. She also said that the ladies were slay queens who went there to look for men.

Some of these women are slay queens who came to look for men, and some begged to come here so that they can look for opportunities. I brought them here on credit, and now they have fled with my money. I will deal them one on one.” she said in a separate Live.

What do you think sjould be done to Lucy Bridget?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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