Another day of being a woman in Kenya. Njeri, activist Boniface Mwangi’s wife, was yesterday sexually harassed by Matatu guys.

Taking to Instagram, Boni said that he was taking his wife to Kangundo to check out their project. They decided to take a matatu but later changed their minds. So they ordered a cab and as they walked to where it was parked, some random guy inappropriately touched her.

When Njeri demanded to know why that had happened, the guys hurled insults as they went on to grab and fondle their private parts. Watch video below

Boni expressed his utmost disgust at the act and the temerity the guys had shown. His post gave room for a lot of Kenyan women to open up about similar experiences that they go through. … Impunity is so deep that they feel untouchable! How does this happen to women? Has it ever happened to you and what can we do about it? he posed.

Womens’ experiences

You would be surprised by how much women are sexualized and harassed in the streets. These are some of the responses:

We go through this every day. I hate going to certain places and walking into busy parts of town coz men do this all the time, it’s sickening to even think about it.

Another one revealed that she has been harassed even by a watchman. One time I was walking along Lumumba drive and a total stranger grabbed my boobs. It felt so offensive. I have been harassed even by my apartment’s watchman where he just felt the need to spank me. And the management did nothing about it.

Another one added: It has also happened to me a couple of times in different stages till I’m scared of matatus. It’s so scary and traumatizing especially if it happens when you are alone and don’t know what to do or how to save yourself.

What we deal with as women daily is crazy. Said another. In the supermarket, someone will pretend to be getting something and brush against your ass or breasts. We are grabbed as we walk. We can’t even exercise in peace outside or inside gyms. At work, we get harassed. Harassment is nearly a daily occurrence.

Reading the responses is shocking as it is impossible to believe that we live in such a country with such people.

Personal experience

As some of you might not be aware that it’s a lady writing this article, let me share a personal experience with you.

I too have been harassed more times than I can recount. But the one that pissed me off the mostest(is that correct grammar?) was a nduthi guy who saw the need to spank me and rode away laughing saying that ‘he likes it’. I cried. I crew and crode my heart out for hours feeling dirty and filthy. And funny enough I don’t even got that huge behind.

You see men don’t harass specific ladies as you might think. As long as you are a woman, dressed decently or skimpily, walking with a man or not, pregnant or not, white or black, with a huge behind or none a man will always feel entitled to your body. It’s so sad that society has normalized this kind of behavior as nothing effective has been done to avert it.


Sexual harassment is unwelcome sexual behavior that’s offensive, humiliating or intimidating. It can be written, verbal or physical, and can happen in person or online. Anybody can experience sexual harassment, regardless of their gender.

It can include someone:

  • touching, grabbing or making other physical contact with you without your consent,
  • making comments to you that have a sexual meaning,
  • asking you for sex or sexual favors,
  • leering and staring at you,
  • displaying rude and offensive material so that you or others can see it,
  • making sexual gestures or suggestive body movements towards you,
  • cracking sexual jokes and comments around or to you,
  • questioning you about your sex life,
  • insulting you with sexual comments,
  • behaviour on a phone call that makes you feel uncomfortable,
  • indecently exposing themselves to you and
  • sexually assaulting you.

What do you think should be done to stop this madness?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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Some time last year it was very hot and i had a sleeveless dress so the patient touched my boobs mahn i grabbed him by the neck the nurse had to rescue him..when asked akasema am dressed indecently..I told them hata nivae nini haimaanishi nataka kuguzwa..for me if anyone spanks me my response is immediate I hit with the adrenaline rush hii upuzi ya wanaume wengine..we never grap their balls or beards tukipatana na wao


We need to call this animals out expose them.for whom they are and stop staying in silence. This backward world needs heros in each and one of us!!!! Mtu athubutu kuniguza utajua nina mikono kama wewe pia!!! Washidwe mapepo mbaya!!!


Deal with them there and there. I can not God help me stand anyone touching my body without a consent. !!!

Jeymo kk

I crode took me out😂 this is such a great article! I’m loving this writer fr

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